Wipro Placement Paper – Chennai,18-9-2012

Hi readers … Wipro my interview I’m going to share the experience.Wipro campus recruitment **** Engineering College came to our college .. And 800 out of 120 selected?

Most of them are in the written test the filter .. About 150 are selected for the next round … So guys focus on the written exam

Actually Wipro selection process is very simple …. Written crack the U test.80% u will be selected …


Wipro pattern selection ….
1.WRITTEN Test (Online)
2. Technical ROUND

Sometimes they direct HR round technical round pure luck I will not conduct all its ur luck … … Went straight to HR round

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1.WRITTEN Test (Online)

The four parts consits ….

1. Technical 10 questions
2. Ability 20 questions
3. 20 logical reasoning
4. 20 oral

1.Technical question … Difficulty level (6/10)
If ur in ur academic performance, good question u can easily crack …
The only question the basic … Its a little hard for me

Some of the questions are ….
1.what is the primary key …
2.When underflow takes place in the data structure
3.5 in c and c + + output of questions (sorry friends, I forgot the question) c and c + + my suggestions is to study auto extern, such as standard keyword const

2.Aptitude questions (5/10)

Most questions are mathematical calculations … I suggest that there is any question that is not RS agarwall …..

That kind of power 2 50/2 49 Power Questions like … Came the order of precedence amount

3.Logical questions (9/10)

Very easy dude …..

4.Verbal (4/10)

Friends of the oral region, focusing on the oral has eliminated many of them ..

It is more complicated than a long section

There are two reading comprehension .. … Sentences, phrases, words … Jumbled sentences …. Opening the complete error ….

You’re really all about luck …

To mark a section perform batch depends on u …. They will select one of the first 100

I direct this section Human Resources (God) has gone to ..

I have experience to share with your friends, they will ask your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and some basic C program
In addition, they will ask basic questions on DBMS Network OS software engineering …

Like what is DBMS, is testing Watts, Watts is FDDI

I actually attend this round WAT EVER UR Mind to say, it’s very easy to find the time … Sit quietly not even know u tell Frankly I do not know (for all questions) tried to answer the relevant …

My question is …

ME: Sir come in (simple smile i)
HR: Yeah, like arrogant (age 50) I was shocked to come look ..
Me: (I’ll just stand behind and human resources)
Human Resources: Please sit down
ME: Sir, thank you
HR: Tell me about your own
I explained:
(He explained and asked) cultural r organizer (as I mentioned in the resume): Human Resources
I explained:
Human Resources: ur problems faced
I explained:
Human Resources: How u faced
I explained:

Human Resources: Why so many outstanding
I tell the story are all spotcame ..
Human Resources: You got good marks in 10 AD 12th ur so why are poor academics
Me: 10th and 12th we studied only … CLG will focus on but we have plenty of distraction .. Explained ..
Human Resources? Distraction girl wat u mean?
I:! (Actually I meant CLG cultural seminar co-curricular activities)
Human Resources: The girl in the class u like u r ..
I explained: … I *** Department (smiled) did not like the girl in my class
Human Resources: (smiling) You can k …
Human Resources: wait … You want to ask any questions ..
Me: u sir thanks for giving me the opportunity … You can tell assement HR round mark
Human Resources: Sorry, I cant tell .. Boy, why ask
Human Resources: kku can result will announce soon …
Me: Thank u sir …

Bit as much as it is put in .. Some good value on human resources is therefore >>> not tell lies … Be carefull not to tell lies if u get a lock on it will make u rejected >>>

Everyone’s best friend
Finally, please hit like if u think that my experiences are helpful

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