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Headquartered at Bangalore, India, we at Wipro implement the philosophy of ‘Applying Thought’, thereby helping clients to “Do Business Better”. Our path breaking innovations and ideas have culminated into the `Wipro Way’ – a process which directly impacts customer benefits by improving time-to-market, enhancing predictability and reliability, and cutting costs.

Questions with Solutions :

Submitted by : Priyanka Nair

1) Which device is more intelligent, a Switch or Hub, why?

Answer :

Generally a Hub is a broadcasting device that transmits all incoming data on output ports. However Switch can specifically direct data packets to specific devices based on their network address. Hence Switch is more intelligent in computer networks.

2) Which is cost efficient on large data networks, (based on operation costs and efficiency) a switch or hub?

Switch is cost efficient. Since a Hub is not as intelligent as Switch, it transmits data all over leading to more network traffic and resource consumption. On the other hand, Switch can significantly reduce the amount of data transmitted.

3) Which of the devices among Switch and Hub is called a multiport repeater and why?

Answer :

Hub is usually called a multiport repeater. Hub gets this name because it usually does nothing more than repeating received input at one port on all output ports.

4) How Hubs are advantageous over Switch in very small networks (for example, consider a LAN with 2 to 3 computers)?

Answer :

Hubs are less expensive (implementation wise) than Switch. Also in small networks, there is generally no real requirement to segment LANs or reduce traffic congestion.

5) Philip Kotler is an expert in making sculptures. He makes sculptures with wooden pieces each of 1/4 inch height. He took special care in making an excellent piece of work adding 23 pieces of wood. He erected this sculpture on a base of height 8 inches. How tall is the sculpture and base put together?

a) 6 feet 7 inches b) 7 feet one inch c) 6 feet five inches d) none of these.

Answer : c) 6 feet five inches.

Solution :

23 pieces of wood each with a height of 1/4 inch.
So height of sculpture alone is 23 x 1/4 = 5 3/4 feet
1 feet = 12 inches.
Therefore 3/4 feet = 3/4 x 12 = 9 inches.
Therefore 5 3/4 feet = 5 feet and 9 inches.
Height of base 8 inches
Height of sculpture with base = Height of sculpture + Height of base = 5 feet and 9 inches + 8 inches = 5 feet and 17 inches
But 12 inches = 1 feet. Therefore, 17 inches = 1 feet and 5 inches.
Therefore 5 feet and 17 inches can be expressed as 6 feet and 5 inches.
Note : This is an easy problem. But one has to remember the conversion values between units like feet and inches.

6) In Bombay Mutual Circus, Pune an elephant of height 9 feet 7 inches is made to stand on a wooden platform of height 3 feet seven inches height. If the mahout wants to climb on to the elephant, how much height should he go up from the ground level?

a) 13 feet four inches b) 13 feet 2 inches c) 13 feet 9 inches d) none of these.

Answer : b) 13 feet 2 inches

Solution :

Height of platform — 3 feet 7 inches
Height of elephant — 9 feet 7 inches
Total height — 12 feet 14 inches = 13 feet 2 inches ( 12 inches – 1 feet)

7) Gautam is good in sculpturing. He makes a sculpture of height 4 feet 8 inches and places them on a sandal pedestal. If the total height of sculpture and the pedestal put together is 7 feet 3 inches, what is the height of the pedestal?

a) 2 feet 4 inches b) 5 feet 2 inches c) 2 feet 7 inches d) none of these

Answer : c) 2 feet 3 inches

Solutions :

Total Height = Height of the sculpture + Height of the pedestal
7 feet 3 inches = 4 feet 8 inches + Height of the pedestal
Height of the pedestal = 7 feet 3 inches – 4 feet 8 inches
Writing all the measurements in units of inches we get,
Height of the pedestal = 7 x 12 + 3 inches – 4 x 12 + 8 inches = 87 inches – 56 inches = 31 inches = 2 x 12 inches and 7 inches = 2 feet 7 inches

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