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The written test will consist of five sections of the sectional cutoff. Total no. The questions was 120.


1. Written Examination

A. Section: English (25 questions time is 20 minutes.)
5 questions were based on Article 1. 5-6 comprehension questions about the next one. (Because of the water crisis had passed, cold drinks), then the sentence correction questions are 5-6. 4 sentences were given and you need to choose the correct sentence among the options. Used to fill in the blanks on the last 8-9 questions (with some Propojisn)

b. Section B: Logic (time 30 minutes 25 questions.)
The first 5 questions were based on set theory. Were given certain conditions and those conditions you have to draw Venn diagram is based on .. Depending on that .. Been answered. The next 5 questions were of the puzzle .. E. D, the kind of question 5 brothers named A, B, C, D is smaller than B, but larger than E. C is smaller than 3 brothers. Then the youngest one .. Find twins.
The next 5 questions 2 puzzles and decision making about 10 sections. It has been for some situations .. Puzzle position .. And that after certain conditions have been .. Based on that question will be solved. Question 5 was the last puzzle .. Did you like it * is represented by 0 and 1 representing – in some language .. Is written as 4 – * – ** 3 and have written ..

c. Section C: see capacity (20 times 20 minutes of questions)
1 7 questions were on .. Milan ..
(A, B if all the strings are the same, if I and III are the same, C I and C II only if none of them are the same)
5 questions were another sign replacement ..
Is indicated by the * +, indicated by *, / symbols and + * indicated by the 2/6 +3 * +2 4 Count
5 questions were then decide ..
Statements 1 and 2 is given two statements depends on it .. One result is to tell you (if both statements results, only 1 required if adequate description of B, C, if there is only 2 details …)

d. Section D technical efficiency (up to 40 questions, 40 minutes):
Questions were based on C and data structures.
C questions are just fine .. All you need to get through .. Test your skills c ..
Data structure is a tough question .. Sketch a day every tree and asking questions.
I have about 7-9 questions received directly from the graph.
The basic concepts you need to do .. And Mark Allen WIESS, RS Salaria get through.

e.Section e-reading ability (10 questions time is 15 minutes.)
First 5 minutes. The passage was read.
Then they will take you to the passage .. Based on that trip was the question .. And you need to resolve those questions.
Was based on the passage .. Williamatte processor and the Pentium and .. Share that you have studied ..
Very simple .. Figures and there were lots of sources (main point: you uncomfortable, they provide the main points in a letter written in the answer sheet attached)
Take care to these key points: they will give you plenty of instructions .. During the exam .. Attention instruction .. I know that it is a bit annoying, but its important. And they will provide you Virtusa id .. You will find they will come up with the attendance sheet. Caring for the (very important) take. Examination after the talk, they would not take back his papers.

2. Technical Interview
They will ask you basic questions, it was a lot easier .. Be careful with your project. They will screw you in your project. If your keypoints Data Structures, DBMS and Java so willing to take any kind of questions.

3. Human Resources Interview
Just for formality.

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