Top 5 Common HR Interview Questions

Dear Reader, most of you would be facing HR interviews often conducted by companies following tech interview rounds. Especially in HR round where questions are often unpredictable, going readily prepared is a tedious task. However, there are some common questions which you can often always expect. Let us lay out what these questions and some good ways to answer those.

1. Tell me about yourself

When asked about yourself, the panel generally would want to check your communication , interpersonal skills ,fluency etc and not your personal details like families,hobbies,interest, etc. However information about your education, strengths and weaknesses can be noted by the panel as they directly indicate your readiness to take a job. Hence you should really focus on important aspects like education while taking care of your clarity in communicating.

2. Why Should I hire you?

The panel expects to know about your capability for the position, self-confidence, willingness in learning new technologies, ability to work hard, participation in organization’s growth etc. Hence your answer should convince them that you are a confident team player and you could fit their organization well.

3.Where do you want to be five years from now?

Generally this question could be an indirect way to check if you would be ready to work for a good term rather than a short temporary term.

4. What salary do you want for this job?

One of the best response would be figure out the value you could expect as per the industrial standards. This will give them an impression that you have done your homework and not overshooting the industry standards. (Generally freshers will not be asked this question.)

5. Do you have questions for me?

First thank him for giving you the opportunity. Then you might ask your genuine questions about companies current projects, organizational culture etc. (But be sure not to post questions just for the sake of asking questions.)

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