Tech Mahindra Placement PAPER – LDRP-ITR 10 March 2011 Gujarat

Clearing Tech Mahindra is all about qualification.
If approved qualification, you are much more likely.Here is the whole process.
-> Qualification (selected out of 90 350))
-> Tech Interview (60 out of 90 were selected)
-> Group Discussion and Personal Interview (finally 51 were selected)

3 colleges took part in the campaign.
LDRP ITR, LD College, Changa


Students come to us process.About 340 placement.The whole process was called at 10 in the morning and took 2 days.On 1 day qualifying 35 ‘studensts interviews were taken. The other 55 students were taken on the second day of the interview.

They started with the presentation ceremony. Please do not waste your time if you are not eligible because they are doing a lot of that. You will waste your time.

After the presentation we were given for the qualifying examination.
Ability to start around 10-11.
What is important is the speed in qualifying.
I have given qualifying exam
-> Putney
-> Syntel
Tech Mahindra paper, among others, can be an easy, but the hard part is not hard, but the hard part is the speed.
You have 90 minutes to complete the 180 or 160 questions.
The major part, but the middle class is concerned.
20-25 minutes to finish them in one shoudl.
From some basic grammar for English fundas throgh it will be much more useful
The question could not be easier, all you have to do is to finish as fast as possible
Now mathematics is a tough one.
Some questions will be easy, some will be timeconsuming.
For that to save time.
The question will come from the series.

After they announced the results of the apti and about 90 350 were selected.
So they aptitude.So hard part is obvious merit in the main filtration.
They will have to wait for almost 2 oclock.Now interview techniques we pronounce the first batch of results.

Now the main thing here is interview.The communication technology skills and some basic knowledge of project and other programming languages.
Our placement drive 2 people were taking technical interview.
Was insisting on a project and other basic knowledge about asking.
They will give you a mark according to the performance.

He then asked me what DBMS.
I explained that it was an easy.
He asked me to get about.
I was not able to explain propely, but I think my communcation skills already done your part, so I know that he did not mind.
So I know that I have cleared the interview technique.
My Tech Interviews with students on the first day was the other35.
Approximately 23 were selected for HR.

If you have gone through here about 95 mole% of the battle is won.
Now you just have to keep your mind in your place and is ethical.
The next GD.
4 students were called every time the GD.
After it was and the GD PI.
Unluckily the 23 … 17 were selected for placement in the end.
5 students were cut loose, according to my opinion, because they were not able to give their 100% and I think that they were not able to communicate with technical people.
So they asked for in HR wil, they will put more emphasis so they are not able to answer this question, they will be rejected.
Wait about 10-11 o’clock at night and long after the results were declared.
I was chosen.
Salary level is 3.09 LPA.
Is best for you.
What is the best and trust you.
The key to winning.

Qualification as soon as possible, but is not as fast as it can lead to the wrong answer
-> Please try to attempt all the questions .. Please do not leave any question.
-> Tech interview some of the basics of the data structure and database management system through any one language to fundamentals.go
-> Try to be confident and fluent. You express ideas clearly
-> GD Not enough to live, but also adds relevant things. Irrelevant details or unfounded details.Back not say with your own examples.
-> Human Resources listen carefully to the question, the answer is the way to faith

Hope this will be helpful to anyone other query mail me ..
I certainly .. Then you give the best answer

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