TCS Campus Interview & Placement Paper VIT College Jan 19, 2011

Hello friends, I attended TCS interview. I think you will be part of that experience. 1 day, it was written test in which there was only a question of merit. Some of them are very simple, but having a lot of theory, and we need to indentify the main question. 35 to 80 minutes were quetion. Time was there, but the question at the time was level.tcs

Ability questions were like:

1. A girl has to make pizza with different toppings. There are 8 different toppings. In how many ways can she make pizzas with 2 different toppings.
Answer: 8 56 * 7 =

2. What is the distance Z-intercept equation ax + x-intercept + cz + d = 0. (A, b, c, d values ​​do not remember)

3. . A scientist was researching on animal behavior in his lab. He was very interested in analyzing the behavior of bear.comply with the bear. At his lab in2. What color is the bear? I think the ans is white.

4. 3 persons a, b, c there were always speak the truth, B Monday, tusday located on the Wednesday.but C thrusday, Friday and Saturday a day. “Said one of the B and C thatâ €? B. said â € œyesterday way tomorrow as the day of days when I lie” that many said, “When I lay.” So which day?

I cleared the written test and interview the next day @ IEC G.Noida
There were two goals in the interview. 1. 2 technical. Human resource

Technical Interview …
I was late on the day of the interview. I think there needs to be stepped up @ 9:00, but I got there @ 10:15 am b, coz it takes 3 hours from my house and I had no knowledge.

So I missed the presentation, I would like to resume the details about the students fill in the form for a brief overview of TCS. I was nervous and my number was there to interview at 11:00.

I was nervous, but I have extended myself. Were due ..
1. I was too late.
2. I missed the presentation. You learn key presentation.
3. I was No. 1 in the queue.
4. My friend was not there.
I entered the room the interviewer.
He offered me a seat to sit and interview started.

Interviewer: Hello Navneet,
Me: Hello sir.
Interviewer: Well, let me introduce myself.
I: I spoke to two minutes. My name is Navneet Agarwal. Father’s occupation, mother and siblings. The housing and academic qualifications, strengths, strengths, achievements, hobbies, weakness but + ve way and purpose.
Interviewer: Okay, so what’s your favorite topics, Navneet.
I cryptography
Interviewer: And Language
I: C, Core Java
Interviewer: Search and code implements bubble
Me: I did, but with a mistake.
Interviewer: error in solving
Me: I did.
Interviewer: Some of the data structure q
Me: Sorry sir,
Interviewer: Well, what is the RSA and DES.
Me: I explained.
Interviewer: You never encryption for any pro-coded
Me: Yes, I explained
Interviewer: Let me give three examples of encryption software.
Me: I did.
Interviewer: Tell me the names of 3 as the co. Write the code for the encryption.
Me: Sorry sir,
Interviewer: A probability q.
Interviewer: What is the key and a bit?
Me: I explained.
Interviewer: What are examples of encryption techniques.
I: DES, RSA, Diffie Helman ……..
Interviewer: What is ur technical interest?
I: Java.
Interviewer: That means if u have any project on any other software or language, do u? U cum leave or will not work either.
Me: No, sir, I want to join TCS Thats another area I and bla, bla, bla can find employment in
Interviewer: You ask any q;
I: Yes. Some suggestions to improve yourself?
Interviewer: Go and intensive study.
He allowed me to leave the room. And then I was called for HR interview. I was happy. Now I was not nervous

Human Resources: Hello Navneet and the seat. Dear HR were two
I: I first offered his seat.
Human Resources: Navneet so how was ur technically?
Well mam: I
Human Resources: What is ur nick name?
Me: I was told.
After this the appr. @ 2 minute conversation was only like my nick name and childhood:

Who u give this name? Nick and what is ur real name? U do ur name? What is its origin.
I clearly explained.
Human Resources: why do u want to join TCS.
I: I told some feature of TCS, and that I will get a good learning environment ……
Human Resources: What is ur prefferd location?
I lacation:.
Human Resources: u are foreign to the rest?
I: Course
Human Resources: u know that 2 years is a compromise?
I: Yes.
Human Resources: What is ur strength?
Me: I told him.
Some other common questions. I explained all of them and he allowed me to go.

After waiting for 3 hours, I came back home, b’coz results to be declared on the next day.

When the heart beats too fast that night, I could not sleep. I was worried. My HR was so good that I am sure that I will be selected in TCS. My HR round was even better than the technical.

List dispayed next day and u know my namewas there.

A look at the fate
Round which was approved was not so good. Round which was approved and is also good, was not.

Today is June 27, 2011.
I have written for many companies participated in interviews, but so far I’m not. Hope so that I can be placed in any company.
But u never loose ur faith. It really needs and destiny yes ur interview …..

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