Syntel Placement Paper 2012 / Technical Questions & Aptitude Questions

Syntel Technical Interview Questions:Between virtual and abstract method 1.Difference?
2.What runtime polymorphism?
3.What Overiding is?
4.What is the use of a private constructor?
5.What design pattern used in this project?
6.What is an interface? There is no relationship betweem interface and performance?
7.what is an abstract class?
8.What DataSet and DataReader is the difference between?
9.What CommandBuilder is?
10.What is the difference between application and Sesssion?
11.How do you host a service?
12.What is a cursor, you place a cursor?
13.Whare temporary tables are?
14.What Channel Factory?
15.what heap memory?
A program for Fibonacci series 16.write?
A program for the linked list 17.write?

Syntel HR questions:

Me something about yourself 1.Tell?
Me about computers 2.Tell?
3.What is the frontend and backend?
Microsoft 4.Founder?
5 .. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
6.Who developed Java?
Syntel 7.Why u want to join in?
8.Which kind of movies do you like?
9.Why should I hire u?


Syntel Model Placement Paper:


1.intimidness: Fear
2.crust: wave
3.assist: save
4.affirm: signal

1. Odd man out: a) stem b) fruits c) flowers d) tree e) root
2. 9, __, 15, 18, 21, 24
3. Seating arrangements (2 puzzles)
4. Books arrangements (Puzzle)
5. Flowchart
6. 3 days a month Monday. Then after 5 days of that month is 21?
7. Blood relationship question

Eligibility Questions:


2. LCM of 3 nos is 120 which of the following should not be their HCF
A. 8, b.24 C.12 D.24 and 30

3.Two trains going in the opposite direction from point B to the point they meet the second train travel more than 120 kilometers. Speed ​​50kmph and 60kmph respectively find the distance between A and B?

4. 6mts/min a monkey climbs a poll at the rate fell below 3mts alternately. Length 60 million tons of choices, how long it will take to reach the top?
A. 31 c.37 d.40 b.33 (Answer: 37)

5.A No. 7/18 instead of 7/8 results in less than 770 times and got real results, find the original number?

6. Amount equal to the radius of the cone and the area, the area ratio of the height of the cone diameter find?

7.Half of the profit is shared equally the remaining is shared according to their investment. Find their profits.

8. Simple interest and compound interest for 2 years is the difference between?
A: B = 02:03 and B: C = 5:06, then A: B: C

9. A sum of Rs 64 has become 125 in 3 years in compound interest, find the interest rate?

10. Same time for the above problem (the interest rate is given)

11. Is not prime, which is more than 6 divided by 6 is always a balance
ans: 1 or 5


14. Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equal to a net discount ..

15. A two-digit number is 4 times the amount of points, the number 9 is added, the points will be reversed. What is the number?
Replies: 12

16. The length of the rectangle is ‘4 a ‘and its breadth is ‘2 a’. Two circles of radius ‘a’. The total area of ​​the rectangle with the Rectangle not in proportion to the area by two circles

17. A person starts with the speed of u / 1 kmph and U / returns with a speed of 2 kilometers per hour, what is his average speed.

18. A cistern will be filled in 9 hrs, but becoz of an outlet it is filled in 10 hours, if the cistern is filled, then how much time it takes to empty the cistern outlet.

19. A right-angled triangle ABC angle B = 90, BM is the median to AC, then AB2 + BC2 (in terms of BM)

20. Atriangle three circles of equal radius r with center as the three vertices are drawn. With the triangle is the sum of the squares of these circles.

21. X men work for X days to produce X products, then Y men can produce y products – day.

22. For first and second year compound interest at a fixed amount is 200 and 220. Find the sum.

23. Marked price of a commodity is 35% above the cost price. If he gives a discount of 15%, the yield on the deal.

24. 5 Common Common + 1 + 4 = 7 mandarin oranges. Find the common ratio of orange.

25. A man starts a work, after some time some one like him .. Get

26. 100men have enough food for 60days. 500men food for many days is enough?

27. So how many men required if the work day for10days the 60 / per 5hrs – if 8men 8hrs 8days per day works for 45 / do?

28. 12% of a person selling an item at a profit if he sold it at a loss of 12% Rs.6 / will get less. What is the cost?

29. (1/2 1 / ((3/4-2/5) / (/ 2 3/5 +4))) * (2/4 3 / ((4/3-2/5) (/ (5 / 3/5 +6))) (separate numbers)

30. The average age of X number of adults in a class is 30yrs. If 12 new adults with an average age of 32 joined with them, and the average age increases. Find X?

31. An area with a radius of 4 cm radius 2cms water level in the cylinder is dropped. Increase in water level is (not sure)

32. …. Find the average of reciprocals of x and y:

33. In a school there are 1000 students in the year 1999. In 2000, 20% of the number of studentsincreased. And it has increased by 15% in 2001. But decreased by 18% in 2002. What is the force in 2002.

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