Sun Placement Papers

paper were contributed by c.v.Rao

1.struct XXX
      int a;
      float b;
      char *s;
   If optimization   :X not used in compiler then un used
bits_________________.   give your assumption_______________.

2.struct XXX
            int a:6;
            float b:4;
            char s;
   size og (structure);
3.class used for the multiple inheritence in yava_________________
  (a) Anonymous class
  (b) inner class
  (c)  abstreet class
  (d)  none
4. XDR fixes in which part of OS1 stack.
5. LDAP is____________service protocol.
6. Given definition for a function which returns a array of pointers with
   argument of int*.
7.Give a function declaration with no arguments which refers a two dimensional

8.Pick up the correct function declaration.
  1.void *[] name();
  2 void int[][] name();
  3 void ** name();
  4 none of the above.
9.Give the difference between monolithic and microlithic kernal:
  a mololic large
  b micro used in embedded systems.
10.rPC coresponds to_______________in OSI stack.
11.find the no.of page faults using LRU stack.
  eg.3 4 4 6 7 8 1 2 .. ..
12.the inorder representation of a tree 41523 and preorder is 211513 Draw it?
13. when does a stack member will be initialised
   (a) when object is created
   (b) when object is initialised.
   (c) doesnot depend on object.
   (d) none.
14 no.of CPU in a multiprocess is contrassed by
  (a) RISC nohere of CPU
  (b) memory
15  main()
        char *s;
         s=”hot java”;
        strcpy(s,”solarrs java”)
16 main()
   printf(“hot java”);
  1. when redirected to a sreen what will be printed.
  2 when redirected to file what will be printed.
     int ret;
  how many sun 4 solaris will get printed
18. main()
        char *p=’a’;
        int *i=100/*p;
  what will be the value of *i= 1
                                cannot be defined.
19 which data structure gives efficient search
    1 B-tree
    2 binary tree
    3 array
    4 linked list
20. struct point
            struct point *next;
            int data;
        int i;
    find error?
21. mutex and _________are similar locking mechanisms.
22.nextt question on from pointers and functions( highfy) take care.
23. SNMP and SMIP transport layer protocols for TCP/IP&OSI.
24 unix : difference between select and poll
interview questions were mainly on data structures, computer architecture ( very imp) , os and networks

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