Starent Part Of CISCO Aptitude|Placement Test

Now Cisco has Acquired Starent Networks.

Starent is an information technology and computer networking products company. Starent Networks is a arch provider of multimedia amount technology that enables adaptable operators to bear adaptable broadband to their subscribers. Our accurate platforms andcomputer application solutions amalgamate cogent achievement capabilities and arrangement intelligence appropriate by the world’s best ambitious adaptable networks.

Placement Details For Freshers :

Package :  BE/Btech 7.2 lac

             ME/Mtech 9.4 lac

Criteria : 70% aggregate with No active Backlog.

Branches : ALL(PG/UG).

Contact Detais :

P-17 , Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Phase No. 1,
Hinjewadi , Pune- 57
Mobile : 020-22930100.

Placement pattern:
1) written test (1hr)
2) Technical Interview (1Hr) 
3) Hr  (formality)

Aptitude Questions:

1)power set of {p,q,r} has how many sub sets 
a)8     b)7   c)4         d)3

2)three ants are on three vertices of triangle, what is the probability that may collide…………

3)A password consists of two letters of the alphabet followed by three digits chosen from 0 to 9. Repeats are allowed. How many different possible passwords 

are there?
a)492,804       b)650,000      c)676,000     d)1,757,600

4)a Q on combination regarding to comitee formation : there are 5 men and 3 women , a comitee should form form 5 members and 2 women compulsory, where 2  of 

them are quarrel, so they dont in same comitte?

5)what is the volume of hemisphere of radius 5 cm?
a)250/3 pi  cc b)500/3 pi cc  c) 50/3 pi cc d) 350/3 pi cc

6) A does 80% of a work in 20 days. He then calls in B and they together finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long B alone would take to do the whole 

A) 23 days B) 37 days C)37 ½ days D) 40 days

7)The captain of a cricket team of 11 members is 26 years old and the wicket keeper is 3 years older. If the ages of these two are excluded, the average age 

of the remaining players is one year less than the average age of the whole team. What is the average age of the team? 
A)23 B)24 C)25 D)none

8)Q on mixtures

9)product of consecutive 3 prime no is 385 what is the sum of three no?
a)23  b) 33  c) 43  d)21

10) Q on ages: The age of father 10 years ago was thrice the age of his son. Ten years hence, father’s age will be twice that of his son. The ratio of their 

present ages is:
A) 5 : 2 B) 7 : 3 C) 9 : 2 D) 13 : 4

11)Q on height and distances

12) Q on ven diagram

13) Q on simple reasoning

14) Q on remainder theorem

Technical  Questions :

8051 ( Q on overflow [given 2 binary no which flag is set?), 

1)by adding 1100 and 1010 which folling bits are set?

2) Q on interrupts of 8051

more Qs………..

os(threads and process, virtual memory)

3) thread is 

4) semaphore has  dis adv of busy waiting which waste cpu cycles this type of semaphore is called……………………(ans: spinlock)

5)4*1024 RAM has memory size 

few more Qs………… 

c(only pointers, q on buble sort),

6) Q on constant pointer given code 

7) Q on normal pointers just finding address and values in a code

8) given a series of numbers find no of swappings need to sort in ascending order?

only these 3 given from c

cN(Qon ipv4,osi,tcp )

9)which of the following is connected n/w?

10)more Qs from CN


11) adding of 2 binary no 

12) given a binary no find gray code no?

13)more Q from this subjects

mainly concentrated on other than c like combine subjects for ECE,EE,and CS

do not miss opportunity of cisco, do little homework for aptitude.. Thats it your in because high cut of for written test like 42 for 50 .

Get an IP address in char * and store it in uint32 variable and display with ‘.’ sysmbol. I worked out and find the below program for your knowledge.

/* Convert IP address Char array to integer array using strtok */

int main()
 char acIPAddr[ 16 + 1 ] = “”;
 unsigned int aui32IPAddr[ 4 ];

 unsigned int i = 0;

 aui32IPAddr[0] = atoi( strtok( acIPAddr, “.” ) );

 for(i=1; i!=4; i++)
   aui32IPAddr[ i ] = atoi( strtok(NULL, “.”) );

 printf(“IPAddr[%d.%d.%d.%d]n”, aui32IPAddr[0], aui32IPAddr[1], aui32IPAddr[2], aui32IPAddr[3] );

 return 0;

/* Convert IP address char * to uint32 using sscanf */

int main()
   char * pacIPAddress;
   unsigned int aui8IPAddr[4], i;
   unsigned long int ui32IPAddress;

   pacIPAddress = ( char *) malloc ( sizeof(char) * 16 + 1 );

   pacIPAddress = “”;
   sscanf ( pacIPAddress, “%d.%d.%d.%d”, &aui8IPAddr[0], &aui8IPAddr[1], &aui8IPAddr[2], &aui8IPAddr[3] );

   ui32IPAddress = ( ( aui8IPAddr[0] << 24 ) | ( aui8IPAddr[1] << 16 ) | ( aui8IPAddr[2] << 8 ) | aui8IPAddr[3] );

   printf ( “ui32IPAddress[%d]n”, ui32IPAddress );

   for ( i=0; i<4; i++ )
       aui8IPAddr[i] = ( ui32IPAddress >> (i*8) ) & 0xFF;

   printf(“IP Addr in Interger[%d].[%d].[%d].[%d]n”, aui8IPAddr[3], aui8IPAddr[2], aui8IPAddr[1], aui8IPAddr[0] );

   return 0;

HR Questions :

THEIR AIM:- To know about any new quality which will differenciate from other candiates and force them to take you in company.

Sir: Where will you see after 2 years ?  or  what are your future plan?
ME: I am going to give GRE.(For first interview)

Ideal: I want  to be Project Manager OR Team Leader.
THEIR AIM:- How much long you will remain in company (they will take candidate with long time company  employer)(#* SO DON’T SAY GRE, CAT, GET etc.*# )


Sir: What is your weakness?
ME: I get fustrated very easily.

Ideal: I push my teammates to do work fast. but i got to know that everyones speed is different so i give work to them accordingly.

THEIR AIM:- To get know about your weakness is it really harmful to company, but we should represent them as those are our strong points. end with but and 

tell what you r doing about recovering from weakeness 

Sir: Why should we hire you?
ME: I’m brilliant, hardworking.

Ideal: I am good organiser (as I mentioned write in resume fake achievement as head of gaming comity in college event. it shows your organisational quality 

which company wants.) i like to make friends where ever i go (this shows your ability to mix up with team) i was class representative in last year (this 

shows your leadership quality)


Sir: Do you have any questions?
ME: How your company is growing so fast?

Ideal: Same (this question give honour to them. they will get happy.)

Sir: Why do you want to get in this company.
ME: This is my dream company. I think i can grow with your company much faster.


Sir: What do you expect from company?
ME: Friendly and challenging environment.

Ideal: SAME..

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