S&P Capital IQ Placement Papers

Company Profile : Capital IQ is a leading provider of data and analytics for global financial professionals. We founded our business in 1999, and now work with over 4200 clients.
Our solutions are based on the Capital IQ Platform, Compustat, ClariFI, and AlphaWorks products through which we offer an array of powerful applications for desktop research, screening, real-time market data, back-testing, portfolio management, financial modeling, and quantitative analysis.

Job Role : Research Associate

Education Qualification :  B.E / BTech/BCA/MCA/B.Sc

Job Location : Gurgaon

Desired Experience : 0 – 2 Years

Company Website :  www.capitaliq.com

Interview Process  – Interview process consist of 3 rounds.
1.Written test
Our knowledge in Accountancy, Finance, Aptitude and English were tested.
2.First Technical round
A person such as Team lead or Manager will be examining our skills in core finance and accounts.
3.Second Technical round along with HR
A person in the position of director will examine our knowledge levels in core finance and accounts area along with few HR related questions.

Scoring good marks in written exam will be added advantage to secure the job. About three days preparation is more than enough.

Interview Question – I have not faced such an situation during the interview process. The entire process in totally concentrated on testing skill test of the candidate.

Negotiation Details – Make sure that you secure the job. After that try to secure job in any other company offering better pay, career etc if you don’t get any job just join the job other wise move on.

English Consists of very easy questions like finding errors in a sentence(5) and filling suitable word in blanks(5)

–1:1 Technical Interview of 2 rounds ..mostly on basic of accounting and stock markets. i faced 15-20 in 2 rounds..some of them are..

     2.EPS Formula (Pat/No. of Shares) ,How do u caluclate NO of Shares for Accounting period (Ans-By Weighted Avg. of outstanding shares over the period)
     4.Bridge Financing
     5.Mutual Fund
     6.Capital Market
     7.Non-recurring Expenses
     8.Retained Earnings
     9.Inventory Turnover Ratio
     10. Networth
     11.Difference b/w Preference share and equity shares
     12.Prefferencial Dividend
     13. Capital Employed..
     14.Treasury bills
     15. Holding company operations and Examples

— Final HR. mostly asked from Resume ..project.. achievements. hobbies.. negetives.. educational back ground,.. why u choose those courses etc.

Some Questions : 

why should we treat closing stock credit side in trading account , and why the reason the closing stock should not appear in the trial balance ?


when company pass ordinary resolution

what is spin off?

what is the difference between derivatives and swaps

Journal entry of outstanding wages is Wages a/c dr TO O/s wages a/c In the Above journal entry why outstanding wages has to be credited ? and o/s wages comes under which account, and why (Personal, Real, Nominal)

what is mean by tds

what are non operating expencess

what is loan of hypothecation

what is letter of credit

What is Mar-gen Of Safety ?

In what way does option issuer benefit

what do you mean by cash profit

what is minority interest

what is the capital budect

Good Luck.

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