Rambus Placement Papers

Hey Guys

These are the TECHNICAL QUESTIONS asked for the Software Developers Post

Here are only technical questions asked in the paper, hope it will be helpful for you…

Remaining questions were on general knowledge, English, reasoning and etc…
pls share any additional info you have here and also other papers

1. question on Ruth’s criterion.

2. charecteristic equation for stable state.

3. common collector amplifier (current, voltage relations…).

4. FET transconductance, Gm is directly proportional to…

5. at 3dB frfequency line, gain reduces to…

6. maximum distortion occurs in which amplifier?

7. class B pushpull amplifier suffers from…

8. Barkhausen’s criterion for sustained oscillations..

9. low frequency response of RC coupled amplifier (characteristics)

10. ideal operational trans conductance amplifier (i/p & o/p impedance relations)

11. radiation resistance of folded dipole is ….ohms.

12. IC timer 555, low on pin4(reset), what happens?

13. decimal to binary conversion…

14. question on full adder circuit( no of i/p o/p digits)

15. ckt involving:  oscillator -> divider -> schmitt trigger -> flip flop -> o/p= ? ( -> represents followed by symbol)

16. a ckt: op amp ->diode and capacitor -> o/p; name the ckt?

17. problem on binary adder (6 bit)

18. feedback factor is 0.1, forward gain of system is 10, sensitivity w.r.t f/b element?

19. linux is implemented as?

20. feedback control system characteristics?

21. phased locked loop is used in ?

22. a problem on random variables…

23. freq response char of ideal comm chnl..

24. best error performance for same avg energy per bit (options 16QAM, 16ASK, 16PSK, QPSK)

25. Tx band width od SSB?

26. nyquist interval..

27. r/n b/n spectral density &auto correlation fpor a periodic function.

28. thermal noise power in a conductor is proportional to…

29. numerical on modulation index…

30. question on radar range..

31. question on doppler radar…

32. microwave signal follows earth curvature, phenomenon called as…

33. flex klystron functions as…

34. microwave junction matched at all points is called…’

35. numerical on schmitt trigger ckt operation on a sine wave.

36. question on assembly language (up).

37. assembly language (up).

38. assembly language (up)/(uc).

39. operating system architecture.

40. O.S architecture..

41. protocol to receive mails from server..

42. question on ethernet involving distances (2500 mts).

43. pc to hub distance in 10base T ethernet.

44. ip-sec is an internet security mechanism for ?

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