Rakuten Inc. Placement Papers

Rakuten Inc. (楽天株式会社) The biggest shopping website from Japan. International Shipping Services.

It was established in 1997 and it is in the list of top 10 internet companies in the world.
It has also started new sites like buy.com and priceminister.com.

Most of their employees are from India.

Criteria : 60% and more aggregate.

Package : 19.20 Lacks per annum.

The IQ test Consist Of

  • Maths / Quantitative
  • English / Verbal
  • Reasoning / Diagrams
The Most Difficult from this is Reasoning Test.

Its good if you know japani language at interview. Try to speak with the same.

7 Replies to “Rakuten Inc. Placement Papers”

  1. Can u please give me the details of technical knowledge required for a fresher(electronics engineer)? Also I have been learning Japanese language for more than 2 years now.

  2. i had given rakuten aptitude test..in 2011..few weeks ago..it consists of a few html/mail questions,questions on databases and c.with a few questions on OScpu scheduling.
    Once the aptitude is clear you are put thru 2 rounds of Hr interviews
    both interview include high hr level personal questions of apprroximate 45min..also questions are asked on your be and te projects..please refer to

  3. plz…@admin give me links to placement papers
    i’m currently in pict,comp dept
    i wanted papers but couldnot find one
    plz could u give me link to all papers

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