Placement paper MKCL : Candidate Experience

mkclThe selection procedure was of 3 rounds.
1st was the Aptitude exam that consist of quantitative and technical aptitude both.Exam wasonline and i have given it at my home(Amravati) town at their assigned center.It was of 100 questions which have 30 for quantitative aptitude and 70 for technical aptitude.For both of them they have given the proper syllabus and exam was through that topics only.
In Quantitative aptitude, the topics was percentages,time and work, arithmetic etc.and

In technical aptitude there was questions based on
1)Database Management Systems,
2)Operating Systems,
3)CPP,Data Structures,Object Oriented Concepts.

The qualifying score was 50% and we got the results just after the test. My Score was 73 but candidates were shortlisted according to the toppers List and I was one of them.
Next round was at Pune at there office was having Hands-on-test and interview.

Hands-on test was the kind of practical exam in which they have given programs on
sql queries.
CPP program was having the concept of inheritance. Java script program was having some validation function. Sql queries was told to be written by creating database and tables first,then inserting data into them. The candidates was shortlisted from the hand-on-test for the interview.
From our batch 6 were selected from 14 and i was one of them again.

Interviews was on the same day after the results of hands-on-test. In interviews they have asked questions based totally on the projects that i have done and some personal questions too. The results of interview were declared after 3-4 days and got the offer letter by mail.

Joining was on the 1st October and currently working in the company. Company is awesome and having a great experience here.

All The Best !

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  1. hello Darshan Jain,
    thank You for the valuable info. I am selected for the stage II hands on test. I have few Queries about mkcl.
    -what happens after training period(1 yr)??do we get permanent position in company??and if so then is there any increment in the payment or it remains the same as in trainee period??
    -is there any scope in product development at the company or it is only service oriented??

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