MindTree Placement Papers

About Company :

MindTree was started in August 1999 by a diverse team of 10 professionals who came from three different nations and had already scripted successful careers. Their vision to build an institution that is among the most admired companies globally is shared with every MindTree Mind and is reflected in the way we do business.

Our Mission Statement :

Our mission statement reinforces that our two most important stakeholders are our customers and our people. There is also a correlation between all three elements as we believe that Happy People lead to Happy Customers and also Innovative Solutions are a means of contributing to the success of our customers.

  • Successful Customers
  • Happy People
  • Innovative Solutions

Selection process of MindTree was having 4 rounds as follows:

1. Aptitude test

  • this round was the change in Mindtree selection process
  • Essay – to check English.
  • Programming (check below for details – very imp)

2. Group Discussion

3. Technical interview

4. HR interview

Programming ( Aptitude Test ) :

They give you a Program and they expect you to code it in a language that you are comfortable with – if you are a computer science student or if you are of any other branch, you could write even the logic, algorithm or represent the logic in the form of a FLOW chart. 
They check to see your approach in writing the code and not syntax. so they won’t check for common mistakes like if you forget a ‘;’ etc. so dont worry about syntax. but do try and write the program in Code. they may favour you… 

Program They Asked : 

Write a program to input an integer and

i. Display the reverse

ii. Display the sum of each digit

Round 2  :  Group Discussion

Around 8 to 10 students in each group conducted simultaneously. same topic was given to everyone.

Topic was : “Success and Education are co-related”

Parameters to evaluate : Communication, Team work, clarity of thought etc. They show you the eval sheet before the start of the process.

Round No 3  –  Technical inteview  :

Before you begin the interview, they ask you to write a simple program. The programs were like : Bubble sort, Binary search, Cound the no. of vowels in a sentence and display the word that has the max no. of vowels etc.
I could feel that mostly the interview was focused on Programming. So be very clear with C / C++ but also be prepared with your other subjects. there were questions on Unix shell scripting (GREP, Cmds etc), AI (What is Turing machine), OS etc. But mainly C++. Write a sample code for operator overloading etc.

Round No 4  –  HR Round : Some Of the Questions They Asked 

What are ur strengths and weakness?

Live example where u have done team work.

What are five senses of human body?

What is social networking?

Tell me four networking sites?

How many hours u spend on facebook daily?

Advantages and disadvantages of facebook?

Which movie u saw recently?

Who were actress and actor in it?

What do u like from that movie?

Who is ur role model?

By which train u go to home?

How often u go to home?

Ur preferences?

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