L&T Infotech Placement Paper


L&T Infotech, a subsidiary of L&T, could be a international IT services and solutions supplier company primarily based in city, India. L&T Infotech is stratified #8 in Bharat IT firms in 2011-2012. the corporate has thirty-nine registered offices in twenty two countries.
L&T Infotech, our trustworthy partner for over four years, brings to the table a strong combination of deep experience in JD Edwards and wonderful understanding of the Oil & Gas business. we have a tendency to appreciate L&T Infotech’s continued commitment for the victorious international implementation of JD Edwards in our organization and their efforts to boost the quantifiability and client satisfaction of our IT support towards business.
Chief info Officer (Leading European Speciality Oil Company)
L&T Infotech could be a international IT services and solutions supplier. we offer the winning edge to our purchasers by leverage our Business-to-IT Connect and deeply committed folks. Our purchasers embody business leaders like Chevron, Freescale, Hitachi, Sanyo and Lafarge, among others. they need found in USA a right-size partner United Nations agency combines scale, stability and customer-centricity
Our parent company is Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), a technology, engineering, producing and construction conglomerate, with international operations. This wealthy company heritage has given USA several inherent blessings that we have a tendency to translate into tangible edges for our purchasers.
Business-to-IT Connect
L&T Infotech’s IT solutions, driven by business context and nonmoving in domain data, deliver new efficiencies and blessings to our purchasers.
Engage the long run
Our thought partnership around technologies and approaches that have the potential to disrupt ancient business models, facilitate navigate changes in next-gen technologies.
Execution Excellence
We provide larger transparency and certainty around giant, advanced programs; clarity around come on investments; and unflawed, foremost & consistent execution.







Placement Papers:

1. in a very km race between A and B, A beats B by nine seconds or thirty six meter. Then what
is the time taken by B to complete the race.
Sol: once A has simply completed the race it suggests that B is behind by 36mts
or completed 966mts. And once a has taken T seconds to complete
the race B wants another nine secs to complete the race; meaning B runs another 36mts in
4sec thus his speed is 36/9 = 4mts/sec
So travels 1000mts or 1km in 1000/(36/9)=250secs(time=dist/speed)
So A completes race in 250-9sec=241secs [refer rs aggarwal quant ability race and
gameof skills eg downside ]

2. If 4apples and 6oranges price 13/- and 2apples & 4oranges price 7/- realize price of 1
apple and one orange.
Sol: deduct 2d eqn from first then we’ve 2a-2o=6 =>1apple and 1orange price 3/-

3. If an individual travels for P kilometre in t hrs and so will increase his speed by x km/hr realize his
new speed.
a) (p/t)+x b) pt+x c)p/x+t d)pt/x ans:a

4,5,6 questons supported statistics from a chart

7. If a kite is at a height of 50mts from ground and also the angle of inclination from some extent
on ground is 60degree then realize length of the kite sting. Sol: supported trig heights and distances: sin60=height of kite/length of
string(altitude/hypotenuse) ans:100/(root of 3)

8. If avg. of 6 nos. is eight and later two new nos. square measure additional such the avg of this eight
nos is six then what’s the avg of recently additional 2 nos.
Sol: avg=total total of values/ no of objects or observation
? eight =total total of values of six nos /6
? total total of values of six nos=6*8=48
now once two new nos square measure additional applying same formula 6= total total of values of eight nos/8
? total total of worths of eight nos=48 that the value has not modified which implies the total of
added two nos is zero thus avg=zero/2=zero (ans)

9. what’s going to of 4/7 is 4/5?
Sol: *100= ans =140%

10. By what’s going to ought to an individual sell a writing thus on gain a profit of pure gold even once
giving a reduction of ten the troubles
Sol) the simplest thanks to solve such issues is by presumptuous value} price as 100rs
thus to urge a profit of pure gold suggests that to sell at 100+24=124/-
thus suppose he sold-out it at 100 percent discount ab initio he sells at 90rs thus ther could be a distinction
of 34/-

11. One downside on Arithematic progression

12. One on mean

13. Matrix addition:
If one two three one one one zero one two
five seven nine = three four seven + two three two
two three four one one one one two ?
then what’s the worth of ?
ans: 4-1=3

14. realize the determinant of a 3*3 matrix? terribly simple

15. A red lightweight glows each 10sec, yellow each 15sec and red each 18sec. find the
number of times all 3 glow along from 8:00AM to 9:00AM (including each times)
Sol : multiple of ten,15,18 = 90
So each ninety seconds all 3 glow along thus in one hour there square measure 3600 secs
So 3600/90=40 times however answer is forty one as a result of they glow at 0th second that’s at eight Am
since each times square measure enclosed.


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