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KLA-Tencor Corporation is associate degree yank producing company based mostly in Milpitas, California. Itprovides method management and yield management product for the semiconductor, information storage, LED, and different connected nanoelectronics industries.
We foster property and social responsibility through our folks, technologies and on-going commitment to ourinternational and native communities.
KLA-Tencor was shaped in Gregorian calendar month 1997 through the merger of KLA Instruments (KLA) and Tencor Instruments (Tencor), 2 long-time leaders within the semiconductor instrumentation business. beforethe merger, each businesses served a phase of the review and scientific discipline area; with KLA centered on defect review solutions and Tencor putting its stress on scientific discipline solutions. Merging along during a matched stock swap valued at $1.3 billion, KLA-Tencor became the foremost vital method management playerwithin the business, conveyance to promote an entire line of yield management product and services fromone company.

KLA was named once its founders, Ken Levy and Bob Anderson. The word “Tencor” happened as a result of thefounding father of Tencor, Karel Urbanek, needed a 2 language unit name that will be straightforward to recollect.

KLA Instruments was initial established in 1975, with its initial product rising on the market in 1978—an machine-driven review system that reduced photomask review time from eight hours to fifteen minutes. Shortlythenceforth, KLA Instruments went public and swollen its review product portfolio to incorporate checkeredwafer review systems. 2 years later, KLA additional broadened its offerings into the wafer scientific disciplinebusiness through optical overlay and line-width measure systems. throughout the following few years, the corporate swollen its product base through the event of software system solutions to assist integrate reviewand measure information for analysis—ultimately forming the industry’s initial yield management software system services cluster to produce customers expertly in yield improvement through engineering consulting services.

1977, Tencor Instruments established its name, and initial introduced its yield management product—the Alpha-Step stylus surface profiler—just seven months later. This yield management answer provided vital improvement in step-height measure, a essential parameter in activity film layer thickness. In 1984, Tencor Instruments launched itsinitial Surfscan product—a particle and contamination defect system supported optical device scanning technology, that shortly became the assembly customary. By the late Nineties, Tencor had broadened its yield management product offerings to conjointly embrace defect review and information analysis tools. Followingassociate degree initial public providing in 1993, Tencor then noninheritable Prometrix, a number oneprovider of thin-film measure solutions, and additional swollen its yield management product providing. At the time of its merger with KLA, Tencor had revenues of roughly $403 million and one,400 workers round theworld.






Placement papers:

1. A Bug within the computer code is, once there’s

(A) Application Crash
(B) Feature Failure
(C) Loss of knowledge
(D) All of the on top of

Ans. maybe A, or in all probability D

2. The device that may rework digital information into analog information is termed a


Ans. D

3. Following is true concerning the information science of a machine

A) it’s 48-bit and can forever be distinctive round the world.
B) it’s 48-bit and isn’t essentially be distinctive round the world.
C) it’s 32-bit and can forever be distinctive round the world.
D) it’s 32-bit and isn’t essentially be distinctive round the world.

Ans. C

4. The classic manner of checking whether or not a mathematical expression has matched parenthesis can use
the following system :

A) List.
B) Directed Graph
C) rib Binary tree.
Ans. D

5. The quickest algorithmic rule for a Random set of numbers is:

A) fast kind
B) Shell kind
C) Bubble kind
D) Double Bubble kind.

Ans. A or B, I don’t grasp

6. Testing supported External Specifications while not information of however the system is constructed:
(A) recording equipment Testing
(B) White Box Testing
(C) Stress Testing
(D) Performance Testing
(E) None of the on top of

Ans. a

7. that of the subsequent is fake

(A) QA could be a method outlined to achieve Quality Standards
(B) QC is testing of the merchandise throughout its production work-flow
(C) A action at law might contain several take a look at Plans.
(D) A take a look at arrange might contain several take a look at Script & take a look at Cases

Ans. C

8. A machine that transfers impressions from Flat Plate to Rubber Cylinder, thence to paper is

(A) electrostatic printer
(B) Press, Offset
(C) Digital Printer
(D) All of the on top of
Ans. perhaps Offset

9. writing within which ink is applied to paper or board from raised parts of printing plates or
type is called:

(A) Printing, printing
(B) Printing, Flexographic
(C) Printing, Silk screen
(D) None of the on top of

Ans. perhaps printing

10. that of those things isn’t a type of IPC:

A) Shared Memory
B) Pipes.
C) Message queues.
D) Semaphores

Ans. B

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