Hughes Placement Papers

try to read the basic theory of probability
1>what is fir
2>what is irr
3>a circuit is given u have to identfy it
 ans clipper
4> 6 seater bench 3men 3 women
  arrange them according to given condition
5>6red boll,5 yellow boll,5 green boll,4 white boll
 ans 1>20c4
      2>color blind 4!
6>in a room 50 persons
   some with 50+
   some with 50-
ans>can’t be determind
7>unix program
  ans c
8>m ball n box
  equally distributed
ans m div n+1
 a=a++ + b++ – c—a+b
ans a
10>use of tpmc
11>v.42 bis
 ans fax protocol
12>use of tcp/ip header

13>what is 555 chip
     find the frequency
15>1 ram =256k
 how many will form 1 mb
 ans 8
16>which one is more better semaphore or monitor
   ans monitor is more powerful
17>  In a memory chip 4k size and 16bit words to be
stored. No of
address and data lines reqd.
Ans) 16 data and 12 address
18> Which is true for TCP /IP layer.       ans: (b)
application ,network, data
link , physical
all question had four options

Hello friends,
    i-flex came to Jadavpur University, performed Pre
Placement talks and gave the
following information :-

1. They are consultants to ONLY banking and finance
2. Salary per nnum : 2,40,000/- ( excluding travel,
food, loans etc. )

The recruitment procedure was as follows :-

1. A written aptitude test – An aptitude test of 65
minutes was held that contained following sections :-
    a) Analytical Section : Easy questions but large
in no. ( 40 in 35 mins). Contained problems in
    flowcharts, circular sitting problem, series etc.
    b) Mathematical Section : This to was easy but
lengthy ( 20 in 15 mins )
    Statistical problems, graphical problems, average
calculation etc.

    c) English Language Section : Not very difficult
but tough for non-English mediums. Contained
    finding errors in a sentence (grammatical),
essay-comprehension question, fill in the blank with
    apt words etc.

    Note : All questions were multiple choice with 1
negative mark for each 4 wrong answer. Overall
    the test was CAT type only a bit easier.

2. Interview – The interview was both personal
(puzzles), technical (C,UNIX etc) and departmental.

3. Routine Medical tests.

They recruited 13 BEs from JU (4 from Civil).

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