druva software placement|aptitude papers 2011

Druva Corporate 
Druva insync. the fully automated laptop backup software.
A very good company to get good experience and Salary as well.

You have to satisfy certain criteria :

  • No criteria for marks or aggregate.
  • Computer and IT Branches.
  • Package is 6-8 lacs depending on your performance.
Round For Interview : 
  • 1st Round For Aptitude Test.( includes technical as well as logical questions).
  • 2nd Round For Coding( here you have to implement 3 programs for puzzles and more ).
  • 3rd is Technical Round.
  • 4th is Final Round i.e. HR interview.
Aptitude Paper : 

Question : You have a class A network address with 40 subnets, but are  required to add 60 new subnets very soon. You would like to still allow  for the largest possible number of host IDs per subnet. Which subnet  mask should you assign?

Answer : 

Question : In Breadth First Search of Graph, which of the following data structure is used?

Answer :


Linked List


None of the above

Question : The amount of space required for the local variables in a C-function can be determined at :

Your answer :

pre-processing time

compile time.

load time

relocation time

link time

Question : In a population of N families, 50% of the families have three children,  30% of the families have two children and the remaining families have  one child. What is the probability that a randomly picked child belongs  to a family with two children.

Your answer :






Question : Consider the following C function: int f (int n) { static int i = 1; if (n >= 5) return n; n = n + i; i ++; return f (n); } The value returned by f(1) is:

Your answer





Question : int i,j;  int ctr = 0;  int myArray[3][4];  for (i=0; i<4; i++)  for (j=0; j<3; j++)  {  myArray[j][i] = ctr;  ++ctr;  }  What is the value of myArray[1][3]; in the sample code above?  

Your answer :






Question : Consider the following ‘C’ language statements:  int i = 0;  int j = i++&&++i&&i++;  What will be the value of i and j after this statements? 

Your answer :

i=3 j=1

i=1 j=1

i=1 j=0

i=3 j=0

i=1 j=0

And Done. Happy Placement.
All The Best.

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