Delphi Placement Papers

Company Overview : Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments. Operating major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support facilities in 30 countries, Delphi delivers real-world innovations that make products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and efficient. Connect to innovation at

Placement Papers :

1.machine tool drives are generally given in:

a) arithmetic progression b)geometric progression
c) harmonic progression d)none of the above

2.finite element analysis is used in

a) accurate measurement b)stress analysis
c)metallurgy d)none of the above

coolant is generally not used while machining

a) low carbon steel b)high carbon steel
c) cast iron d)alloy steel

4.Machinability of steel is improved by the presence of

a)nickel b)tungsten
c)sulphur d)chromium

5.negative rake angle

a)increases cutting force b)decreases cutting force
c)no effect on cutting force d)none of the above

6.the hardest tool material used is

a)coated carbide b)high speed steel
c)boron nitride d)diamond

7.stick slip phenomenon is associated with

a)spindle rotation b)belt drives
c)slide movement d)none of the above

8.Gear hobbing is

a)shaping process b)generating process
c)forming process

cutting speed of H.S.S tools while cutting low carbon steel

a)40m/min b)250m/min
c)500m/min d)none

10.cutting speed of carbide tools while cutting low carbon steel

a)40m/min b)250m/min
c)500m/min d)80m/min

11.straightness that can be achieved over a length of 300mm by grinding

a).005 -.01mm b)0.1-0.2mm
c)0.05-0.1mm d)0.5-0.8mm

12.the circularity that can be achieved by finish turning on a standard centre lathe is

a)0.005-0.008mm b)0.0-0.08mm
c)0.1-0.2mm d)0.2-0.3mm

13.honing can correct

a)oviality b)taper
c)straightness of bore d)axial curvature

14.Machine tool sliding surfaces are finish matched by

a)surface grinding b)fine milling
c)slide way grinding d)scraping

15.Close sliding fit is given by

a)H7/g6 b)H7/h6
c)H9/p6 d)H7/k6

16.60H6 can be achieved by

a)turning b)boring
c)drilling d)internal grinding

17.The displacement accuracy which can be achieved on a jig boring machine

a)5/µm b)50/µm c)100/µm

18.Hardness value in cast iron can be measured in

a)shore b)BHN c)Rockwell d)none

19.Auto collimator is used to measure

a)dia upto 0.001mm b)lengths
c)straightness d)Involute error

20.Surface finish is measured by

a)comparator b)planograph
c)sprit level d)none

21.The outside diameter of a 20 teeth 3 module gear is

a)54 b)60 c)63 d)70

22.Herring bone gear is used for

a)High speed transmission b)noise free transmission
c)Better load transmission d)none

23.In a right angle transmission by helical gears, the hand of the helix of the gears are

a)same b)opposite c)Immaterial d)none

24.Worm drive is always self-locking

a)True b)false

25.Most hydrostatic bearings normally work under

a)constant flow system b)constant pressure system
c)constant temperature system d)constant volume system

Directions: For questions 26 to 30. Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are four lettered words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence a whole.

26.Though science is often imagined as a _______ exploration of external reality, scientists are no different from anyone else: they are ______ human beings enmeshed in a web of personal and social circumstances.

a) fervent..vulnerable b) neutral..rational c) painstaking..careless d) disinterested..passionate

27. Among the many ______ of the project, expense cannot be numbered; the goals of the project promoters can be achieved with impressive ______.

a) highlights..efficiency b) features..savings c) disadvantages..innovation d) defects..economy

28.A leading chemist believes that many scientists have difficulty with stereochemistry because much of the relevant nomenclature is ______ in that it combines concepts that should be kept ______.

a) obscure..interrelated b) impressive..discrete c) subtle..inviolate d) descriptive..seperate

29.The old man could not have been accused of ______ his affection; his conduct towards the child betrayed his ______ her.

a) lavishing..fondness for b) sparing..tolerance of c) rationing..antipathy for d) stinting..adoration of

30.Many of the earliest colonial houses that are still standing have been so modified and enlarged that the ______ design is no longer ______.

a) pertinent..relevant b) initial..discriminable c) embellished..attractive d) appropriate..applicable

Directions: For questions 31 to 35. In each of the following question, a related pair of words or phrases is followed by four lettered pairs of words or phrases. Select the lettered pair that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


a) performer : artistry b) chauvinist : patriotism

c) mimic : ridicule d) politician : compromise


a) termination : cloture b) amendment : constitution

c) majority : concession d) quorum : filibuster


a) orate : strongly b) shout : loudly

c) lecture : willfully d) malign : incoherently


a) fang : snake b) hoof : horse

c) claw : panther d) quill : porcupine


a) bile : liver b) menthol : eucalyptus

c) oxygen : heart d) honey : bee

Directions : For questions from 36 to 40. Each question below consists of a word printed in capital letters, followed by four lettered words or phrases. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in the capital letters.


a) expressive b) Felicitous c) well-defined d)nearly perfect


a) disappear b) disperse c) link d) activate


a) soliloquy b) trilogy c) analogue d) epilogue


a) hold close b) put on guard c) challenge d) entertain


a) converge b) inhibit c) audit d)minimize

In a telecommunication – cable assembly plant, cables are assembled by twisting plastic – coated wires together. There are wires of exactly six different solid colors – red, yellow, violet, green, white and black. Wires must be assembled into single cable according the following rules.

a. Each cable must contain at least three wires and wires of at least three different colors.

b. At most two wires in a single cable can be black

c. At most two wires in a single cable can be white

d. There can be at most one wire of each of the other colors in a single cable

e. If one wire is red, then one wire must be yellow.

f. If one wire is violet, then no wire can be green.

. Which of the following could be the complete set of wires in an acceptable cable?
a. A green wire, a white wire and a violet wire
b. A violet wire, a black wire and white wires
c. A red wire, a black wire and a green wire
d. A yellow wire and exactly two black wires

 If exactly one black wire and exactly one white wire are used in an assembled cable, which of the following must be true
a. the cable contains no more than five wires
b. the cable contains exactly six wires
c. the cable contains a yellow wire
d. the cable does not contain a red wire

.  The maximum number of wires that can be used in an acceptable is
a) 8 b) 7 c) 6 d) 4

44. If a white wire and a violet wire must be among the wires choose for a particular cable, any of the following pairs of wires could complete the cable except a
a. black wire and a second white wire
b. yellow wire and second white wire
c. yellow wire and a black wire
d. red wire and a black wire

If an assembled cable consists of five wires, each a different colour, it could be true that a colour not used is
a) Black b) White c) Green d) Red

46. If there is an additional requirement that violet wire must be used, if yellow is used, which of the following must be true?
a. No cable contains fewer than six wires
b. No cable contains more than five wires
c. Green is never used if red is used
d. Red is always used if violet is used


The manager of a radio program is going to future six Vocalists – M,N,P,Q,R and S – on an half-an-hour radio show during the course of one week. She will feature one vocalist on the show each day from Monday through Saturday. The manager must schedule the vocalists for the show according to the following conditions.

M must be featured earlier in the week than R

P must be featured on Tuesday

Q must be featured on the day immediately before or immediately after the day on which N is featured.

47. If N is to be featured on Thursday, the earliest day on which R can be featured is

a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday d) Friday

 If S is to be featured on Friday, M must be featured on

a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday d) Thursday

 If Q is to be featured on Thursday, the latest day on which M can be featured is

a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday d) Friday

50. Which of the following vocalist can be featured on Monday?

a) N b) P c) Q d) S

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