Airtight Networks Placement|Aptitude Papers|Questions

Industry’s Best Wireless LAN Security and Performance Solutions which covers entire wireless lifecycle and provide enterprises the confidence to operate their Wireless LANs.

The Global Leader In wireless Security , wlan monitoring products as well as Radio frequency management systems.

Placement Criteria :

Eligibility Criteria : No criteria of percent or backlogs

Specializations : ALL Branches ( UG/PG)

Package : 5.5 lacs per annum for freshers.

Budget : 11 lacs to 22 lacs,

Syllabus : As they are king of networking you have to prepare for Computer Networks.

  • Aptitude test had 5 sections: 1) C/Java 2) OS 3) Data Structures 4) Networking 5) Mathematics (General Aptitude).
  • 10 Questions in each of these 5 Sections.
  • No Negative marking.

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  1. can u please mail me the detailed aptitude n inteview questions for this company please……
    i hav d recruiting preocedure for this company on coming tuesday..please admin

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