Accenture placement papers


Accenture may be a world service industry, technology services and outsourcing company, with roughly 275,000 folks serving purchasers in additional than one hundred twenty countries. Combining unique expertise, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and in depth analysis on the world’s most victorious firms, Accenture collaborates with purchasers to assist them become superior businesses and governments. the corporate generated web revenues of US$28.6 billion for the yr complete August. 31, 2013.
Corporate citizenship is prime to Accenture’s character and also the means we have a tendency to run our company as a superior business. it’s anchored in our core values, our Code of Business Ethics and, ultimately, mirrored by our folks that live and add communities round the world. From Skills to Succeed to the setting, Accenture and our folks do things the Accenture means, making long price for the communities wherever we have a tendency to live and work and, ultimately, increasing fight for each business and also the world as a full.
We take the widest attainable read of inclusion and variety, going on the far side gender, race, religion, ethnicity, abilities, sexual orientation ANd personal identity and expression to form an setting that welcomes all styles of variations.

We area unit committed to providing AN inclusive and open setting that pulls, retains, develops and advances people with totally different wants and expectations. investing the ability of our diversity and that specialize in the outcomes that concern facilitate our purchasers bring home the bacon high performance fuel a powerful sense of happiness and pride in our company. By hold AN inclusive culture that supports numerous talent, our folks collaborate with success and modify Accenture to contend effectively within the world marketplace.


Placement Papers:

1) A wizard named Nepo says “I am solely 3 times my son’s age. My father is forty years quite doubly my age. along the 3 folks
are a mere 1240 years recent.” however recent is Nepo?

Ans. 360 years recent.

2) One dog tells the opposite that there arasure} 2 dogs before of me.The other one additionally shouts that he too had 2 behind him. what percentage area unit

Ans. Three.

3) a person Ate a hundred bananas in 5 days, on a daily basis consumption six quite the previous day. what percentage bananas did he eat the primary day?

Ans. Eight.

4) If it takes 5 minutes to boil one egg, however long can it desire
boil four eggs?

Ans. 5 minutes.

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