Accel Frontline Ltd Placement Papers


Accel Frontline Ltd is associate degree IT services company based mostly in city, India. it absolutely was a joint-venture company between Accel restrictedof city and Frontline Technologies Corporation restricted of Singapore.
Accel Frontline restricted could be a leading supplier of Integrated IT services to tiny, medium and huge enterprises. the corporate with associate degreeworker strength of over 4000, operates in seven countries and provide the subsequent services,
Engineering and R&D services
Outsourced development (OPD)
IT Infrastructure Management (RIMS)
Managed Services
Enterprise Applications for Banking, telecommunication and producing.
An ISO 9001: 2000 Certified company with 100+ locations in Asian country, providing IT Infrastructure services. Accel restricted bought back BT’s Stake and becomes the bulk share holder with seventy.44% stake in 2011.

In 2011 , the corporate Integrated Ushus technologies , a gaggle company engaged embedded package to strengthen its package services portfolio.

In 2012, in an exceedingly move to consolidate its IT business activities, it determined to merge Accel Frontline Services restricted that could be a leading player in guarantee Management Solutions with itself. With this merger that is underneath implementation, the corporate can have sturdy presence as a consolidated IT Services supplier in Asian country.




Placement Papers:

1. what {number} half-dozen digit number may be fashioned from the digits one, 2, 3, 4, 5, half-dozen that square measure dissociable by four and digits aren’t repeated?
A. 192
B. 122
C. 140
D. 242
Answer clarification

2. Eighteen guests need to be seated , 0.5 on either side of a protracted table. Four explicit guests need to sit down on the actual aspect and tree others on the opposite aspect. confirm the amount of the way during which seating arrangement may be made?
A. 9! x 11C5 x 6C6
B. 11C5 x 6C6
C. 9! x 6C6
D. 9! x 11C5
Answer clarification

3. In what number ways in which will a garland of ten totally different flowers be made?
A. 9!/2
B. 9!
C. 10!
D. 10!/2
Answer clarification

4. what {number} totally different number of words may be fashioned with the letters of the word ‘ORDINATE’ starting with ‘O’ and ending with ‘E’?
A. 5040
B. 576
C. 720
D. 120
Answer clarification

5. 23. in an exceedingly town no 2 person have a consistent set of teeth and there’s no one while not a tooth. conjointly no one over thirty two teeth. If we have a tendency to disregard the form and size of tooth and contemplate solely the positioning of the teeth, then realize the most population of the town. (Assume no 2 person have an identical configuration concerning the positioning of teeth)
A. 232
B. 232-1
C. 230
D. 230-1

1. 2 range square measure within the magnitude relation three : five. If nine is subtracted from every, the new numbers square measure within the magnitude relation twelve : twenty three. The smaller range is:
A. 27
B. 33
C. 49
D. 55
Answer clarification

2. The magnitude relation of the speed of flow of water in pipes varies reciprocally because the sq. of the radius of the pipes. what’s the magnitude relation of rates of flow in 2 pipes diameter a pair of cm and four cm.?
A. 2:1
B. 1:8
C. 1:2
D. 1:4
Answer clarification

3. once a bus started from the primary stop, the amount of male passengers to the amount of feminine passengers was 3:1. At the primary stop sixteen passengers got down and half-dozen additional females passengers got back. the magnitude relation of the male to feminine passengers currently become 2:1. What was the entire range of passengers within the bus once it started from the primary stop?
A. 64
B. 48
C. 54
D. 72
Answer clarification

4. If 0.75 : x :: five : eight, then x is equal to:
A. 1.12
B. 1.2
C. 1.25
D. 1.30
Answer clarification

5. If the magnitude relation of boys to women in an exceedingly category is B and also the magnitude relation of women to boys is G, then 3(B+G) is
A. equal to 3
B. but three
C. over half-dozen
D. but 1/3


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