Infinite Computer Solutions Placement Paper


Infinite pc Solutions was supported in 1999 by Sanjay Govil. Infinite is listed on the metropolis exchange and also the National exchange of Asian country.
The current economics state of affairs demands that you just have a partner, WHO can work with you to produce versatile solutions that cut back prices, alter new business competences and drive continuous method enhancements that contribute to hyperbolic revenues.
With a world team of over 5000, Infinite partners with Fortune five hundred firms from medium, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Media & Content and Banking & Finance industries to produce Application Management, Infrastructure Management and merchandise Engineering Services together with quality & electronic messaging product and Solutions.
Being able to align IT with Business has been the first challenge that CIOs everywhere the planet are grappling with. Introduce Associate in Nursing unsure economic climate, and also the variables begin to protract of management. Infinite’s process-driven, business-aware IT services span Application Management and Infrastructure Management domains to deliver price across the IT price chain.

Accel Frontline Ltd Placement Paper


Accel Frontline Ltd is AN IT services company based mostly in Madras, India. it absolutely was a joint-venture company between Accel restricted of Madras and Frontline Technologies Corporation restricted of Singapore.Accel Frontline restricted could be a leading supplier of Integrated IT services to tiny, medium and huge enterprises. the corporate with AN worker strength of over 4000, operates in seven countries and provide the subsequent services,

Engineering and R&D services
Outsourced development (OPD)
IT Infrastructure Management (RIMS)
Managed Services
Enterprise Applications for Banking, telecommunication and producing
An ISO 9001: 2000 Certified company with 100+ locations in Asian country, giving IT Infrastructure services. Accel restricted bought back BT’s Stake and becomes the bulk share holder with seventy.44% stake in 2011.
In 2011 , the corporate Integrated Ushus technologies , a gaggle company engaged embedded software system to strengthen its software system services portfolio.
In 2012, during a move to consolidate its IT business activities, it set to merge Accel Frontline Services restricted that could be a leading player in pledge Management Solutions with itself. With this merger that is underneath implementation, the corporate can have sturdy presence as a consolidated IT Services supplier in Asian country.
Placement Paper:
1. 3 candidates contested AN election and received 1136, 7636 and 11628 votes severally. What share of the whole votes did the winning candidate get?
A. 57%
B. 60%
C. 65%
D. 90%

2. Raman’s wage was diminished by five hundredth and afterwards enhanced by five hundredth. what quantity % will he loss?
A. Rs. 25
B. Rs. 50
C. Rs. 75
D. Rs. 85

3. In AN examination, five-hitter of the candidates were found ineligible and eighty fifth of the eligible candidates belonged to the overall class. If 4275 eligible candidates belonged to alternative classes, then what percentage candidates applied for the examination ?
A. 30,000
B. 35,000
C. 37,000
D. None of those

4. twenty four students {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a very} category took an pure mathematics check. If eighteen students passed the check, what % don’t pass?
A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 20%
D. None of those

5. If variety x is 100% but another variety y and y is 100% quite one hundred twenty five, then x is adequate
A. 123.75
B. 140.55
C. 143
D. 150

6. January 1, 2007 was weekday. What day of the week lies on Gregorian calendar month. 1, 2008?
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Sunday

7. what’s the day on first January 1901?
A. Monday
B. Wednesday
C. Sunday
D. Tuesday

8. On 8th Dec, 2007 Sabbatum falls. What day of the week was it on eighth Dec, 2006?
A. Sunday
B. Thursday
C. Tuesday
D. Friday

9. nowadays is Thursday. The day when fifty nine days wil be?
A. Sunday
B. Monday
C. Tuesday
D. Wednesday

10. The calendar for the year 2007 are an equivalent for the year:
A. 2014
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2018

3i Infotech placement Papers


3i Infotech could be a international data Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation.A comprehensive set of science based mostly package solutions (20+), not to mention a good vary of IT services, unambiguously positions the corporate to deal with the dynamic needs of a spread of trade verticals, preponderantly Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, plus & Wealth Management (BFSI). the corporate additionally provides solutions for alternative verticals like Government, producing, Retail, Distribution, telecommunication and health care.3i Infotech has over 1500 customers, together with sixty two within the Fortune five hundred list, in additional than fifty countries across five continents.The Company’s quality certifications embrace ISO 9001:2008 for BPO, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for knowledge Centre Operations and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 for knowledge Centre Management Services. the corporate has kicked off re-appraisal below SEI CMMI milliliter five for a few of its package development centers in Republic of India.The Company’s international Delivery Model provides for the most effective resources to be drawn from its large talent pool across the world to supply best solutions. the corporate integrates its product and services to form bespoke solutions to permit you to undertake technology-based business transformation that permits reorganization in line with today’s dynamic digital business setting.

Placement Paper:
In a category composed of x women and y boys what a part of the category consists of women
A. y/(x + y)
B. x/xy
C. x/(x + y)
D. y/xy

What is the utmost variety of peewee bottles of cream will|which will|that may} be crammed with a 4-gallon can of cream(2 noble metal.=1 qt. and 4 qt.=1 gal)
A. 16
B. 24
C. 30
D. 64 (Ans.D)

If the operation,^ is outlined by the equation x ^ y = 2x + y,what is the worth of a in two ^ a = a ^ three
A.0 B.1 C.-1 D.4 (Ans.B)

A eating house blends two varieties of occasional,putting in two components of a 33p. a gm. grade to one a part of a 24p. a gm.If the mixture is modified to one a part of the 33p. a gm. to two components of the less costly grade,how much can the search save in mixing a hundred gms.
A.Rs.90 B.Rs.1.00 C.Rs.3.00 D.Rs.8.00 (Ans.C)

There area unit two hundred queries on a three hour examination.Among these queries area unit fifty arithmetic issues.It is prompt that double the maximum amount time be spent on every maths downside as for every different question.How many minutes ought to be spent on arithmetic issues
A.36 B.72 C.60 D.100 (Ans.B)

In a cluster of fifteen,7 have studied Latin, eight have studied Greek, and three haven’t studied either.How many of those studied each Latin and Greek
A.0 B.3 C.4 D.5 (Ans.B)

If thirteen = 13w/(1-w) ,then (2w)2 =
A.1/4 B.1/2 C.1 D.2 (Ans.C)
If a and b area unit positive integers and (a-b)/3.5 = 4/7, then
(A) b < a (B) b > a (C) b = a (D) b >= a (Ans. A)

In Gregorian calendar month a team that compete sixty games had won half-hour of its game compete. once an exceptional streak this team raised its average to five hundredth .How many games should the team have won during a row to realize this average?
A. 12 B. 20 C. 24 D. 30 (Ans. C)

M men conform to purchase a present for Rs. D. If 3 men drop out what quantity a lot of can every ought to contribute towards the acquisition of the gift/
A. D/(M-3) B. MD/3 C. M/(D-3) D. 3D/(M2-3M) (Ans. D)

. an organization contracts to color three homes. Mr.Brown will paint a house in half dozen days whereas mister.Black would take eight days and mister.Blue twelve days. once eight days mister.Brown goes on vacation and mister. Black begins to figure for a amount of half dozen days. what percentage days can it take mister.Blue to finish the contract?
A. 7 B. 8 C. 11 D. 12 (Ans.C)

2 hours once a rattler leaves city a train leaves constant station move within the same direction at a mean speed of sixteen km/hr. once move four hrs the train overtakes the rattler. the typical speed of the rattler was?
A. 30 B. 40 C.58 D. 60 (Ans. B)

If 9x-3y=12 and 3x-5y=7 then 6x-2y = ?
A.-5 B. 4 C. 2 D. 8 (Ans. D)

There area unit five red shoes, four inexperienced shoes. If one draw willy-nilly a shoe what’s the chance of obtaining a red shoe (Ans 5c1/ 9c1)

What is the damage of a automobile? If the value of the car is Rs.60 and a profit of 100 percent over damage is earned (Ans: Rs 66/-)

1/3 of women , 1/2 of boys visit canteen .What issue and total variety of classmates visit canteen.
Ans: can’t be determined.

The price of a product is reduced by half-hour . By what proportion ought to or not it’s inflated to create it 100 percent (Ans: forty two.857%)

There is a sq. of aspect 6cm . A circle is inscribed within the sq.. notice the magnitude relation of the world of circle to face. (Ans. 11/14 )

There area unit 2 candles of equal lengths and of various thickness. The thicker one lasts of six hours. The diluent two hours but the thicker one. Ramesh lights the 2 candles at constant time. once he visited bed he saw the thicker one is double the length of the diluent one. however previously did Ramesh lightweight the 2 candles .
Ans: three hours.

If M/N = 6/5,then 3M+2N = ?
If p/q = 5/4 , then 2p+q= ?
If PQRST could be a quadrilateral what it the magnitude relation of triangle PQS & quadrilateral PQRST . (Ans: 1:2 )

The cost of associate item is Rs twelve.60. If the profit is 100 percent over damage what’s the damage ?
(Ans: Rs thirteen.86/- )

There area unit half dozen red shoes & four inexperienced shoes . If 2 of red shoes area unit drawn what’s the chance of obtaining red shoes (Ans: 6c2/10c2)

To 15 lts of water containing two hundredth alcohol, we tend to add five lts of pure water. what’s intoxicated. (Ans : 15 August 1945 )

A employee is paid Rs.20/- for a full days work. He works 1,1/3,2/3,1/8.3/4 days during a week. what’s the whole quantity procured that employee ? (Ans : fifty seven.50 )

If the worth of x lies between zero & one that of the subsequent is that the largest?
(a) x b) x2 (c) ?x (d) 1/x (Ans : (d) )

If the whole distance of a journey is a hundred and twenty klick .If one goes by sixty kmph and comes back at 40kmph what’s the typical speed throughout the journey? Ans: 48kmph

A school has half-hour students from geographical area .Out of those two hundredth area unit Bombey students. notice the whole proportion of Bombay? (Ans: 6%)

An trigon of sides three in. every is given. what percentage equal triangles of aspect one in. will be shaped from it? (Ans: 9)

If A/B = 3/5,then 15A = ? (Ans : 9B)

Each side of a parallelogram is inflated by 100 percent .By what proportion will the world increase? (Ans : 300%)

Perimeter of the rear wheel = nine feet, front wheel = seven feet on an exact distance, the front wheel gets ten revolutions over the rear wheel .What is the distance? Ans : 315 feet
Perimeter of front wheel =30, back wheel = twenty. If front wheel revolves 240 times. what percentage revolutions can the rear wheel take? Ans: 360 times

20% of a half dozen cubic decimeter answer and hr of four cubic decimeter answer area unit mixed. What proportion of the mixture of answer
(Ans: 36%)

City A’s population is 68000, decreasing at a rate of eighty folks each year. town B having population 42000 is increasing at a rate of a hundred and twenty folks each year. In what percentage years each the cities can have same population? (Ans: one hundred thirty years)

Two cars area unit fifteen kms apart. One is popping at a speed of 50kmph and also the different at 40kmph . what quantity time can it view as the 2 cars to meet? (Ans: 3/2 hours)

A person desires to shop for three paise and five paise stamps cost accounting precisely one rupee. If he gets that of the subsequent variety of stamps he will not ready to buy three paise stamps. Ans: 9

There area unit twelve boys and fifteen women, what percentage completely different terpsichore teams will be shaped with two boys and three women.

Which of the subsequent fractions is a smaller amount than 1/3
(a) 22/62 (b) one5/46 (c) 2/3 (d) 1 (Ans: (b))

There area unit 2 circles, one circle is inscribed and another circle is circumscribed over a sq.. what’s the magnitude relation of space of inner to outer circle? Ans: one : two

Three styles of tea the a,b,c costs Rs. 95/kg,100/kg and70/kg severally.How many kilograms of every ought to be mixed to supply a hundred kg of mixture value Rs.90/kg, as long as the quntities of band c area unit equal
a)70,15,15 b)50,25,25 c)60,20,20 d)40,30,30 (Ans. (b))

In a class, except eighteen all area unit on top of fifty years.15 area unit below fifty years ancient. what percentage folks area unit there
(a) thirty (b) thirty three (c) thirty six (d) none of those. (Ans. (d))

If a ship is occupation upstream with rate of fourteen km/hr and goes downstream with a rate of forty km/hr, then what’s the speed of the stream ?
(a) thirteen km/hr (b) twenty six km/hr (c) thirty four km/hr (d) none of those (Ans. A)

Find the worth of ( zero.75 * 0.75 * 0.75 – 0.001 ) / ( zero.75 * 0.75 – 0.075 + 0.01)
(a) 0.845 (b) 1.908 (c) 2.312 (d) 0.001 (Ans. A)

A will have a bit of labor wiped out eight days, B will work thrice quicker than the A, C will work 5 times quicker than A. what percentage days can they want do the work along ?
(a) three days (b) 8/9 days (c) four days (d) cannot say (Ans. B)

A automobile travels an exact distance taking seven hrs in forward journey, throughout the come journey inflated speed 12km/hr takes the days five hrs.What is the distancetravelled
(a) 210 kms (b) thirty kms (c) twenty kms (c) none of those (Ans. B)

Instead of multiplying variety by seven, the quantity is split by seven. what’s the proportion of error obtained ?
Find (7x + 4y ) / (x-2y) if x/2y = 3/2 ?
(a) half dozen (b) eight (c) seven (d) information low (Ans. C)

A man buys twelve lts of liquid that contains two hundredth of the liquid and also the rest is water. He then mixes it with ten lts of another mixture with half-hour of liquid.What is the sharp of water within the new mixture?

If a person buys one lt of milk for Rs.12 and mixes it with two hundredth water and sells it for Rs.15, then what’s the proportion of gain?

Pipe A will fill a tank in thirty minutes and Pipe B will fill it in twenty eight minutes.If 3/4th of the tank is crammed by Pipe B alone and each area unit opened, what quantity time is needed by each the pipes to fill the tank utterly ?

If on associate item an organization provides twenty fifth discount, they earn twenty fifth profit. If they currently provide 100 percent discount then what’s the profit proportion.
(a) four-hundredth (b) fifty fifth (c) thirty fifth (d) half-hour (Ans. D)

A certain variety of men will end a bit of labor in ten days. If but there have been ten men less it’ll take ten days a lot of for the work to be finished. what percentage men were there originally?
(a) one hundred ten men (b) one hundred thirty men (c) a hundred men (d) none of those (Ans. A)

In interest what add amounts of Rs.1120/- in four years and Rs.1200/- in five years ?
(a) Rs. 500 (b) Rs. 600 (c) Rs. 800 (d) Rs. 900 (Ans. C)

If a add of cash compound annually amounts of thrice itself in three years. In what percentage years can it become nine times itself.
(a) half dozen (b) eight (c) ten (d) twelve (Ans A)

Two trains move within the same direction at fifty kmph and thirty two kmph severally. a person within the slower train observes the fifteen seconds slide by before the quicker train utterly passes by him. what’s the length of quicker train ?
(a) 100m (b) 75m (c) 120m (d) 50m (Ans B)

How many mashes area unit there in one squrare meter of gauge if every mesh
is 8mm long and 5mm wide ?
(a) 2500 (b) 25000 (c) 250 (d) 250000 (Ans B)

x% of y is you’re looking of ?
(a) x/y (b) 2y (c) x (d) cannot be determined Ans. C

The price of sugar will increase by two hundredth, by what’s going to ought to a wife scale back the consumption of sugar in order that expenditure on sugar will be same as before ?
(a) 15 August 1945 (b) sixteen.66% (c) twelve-tone music (d) 9/11 (Ans B)

A man spends 1/2 his remuneration on house expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses, the person deposits the remainder during a bank. If his monthly deposits within the bank quantity fifty, what’s his monthly remuneration ?
(a) Rs.500 (b) Rs.1500 (c) Rs.1000 (d) Rs. 900 (Ans C)

The population of a town will increase @ four wheel drive p.a. there’s a further annual increase of four wheel drive of the population thanks to the flow of job seekers, notice the sharp increase in population once two years ?

The magnitude relation of the quantity of boys and women during a faculty is 3:2 Out of those 100 percent the boys and twenty fifth of women area unit scholarship holders. take advantage of students WHO don’t seem to be scholarship holders.?

15 men take twenty one days of eight hrs. every to try to to a bit of labor. what percentage days of half dozen hrs. every wouldn’t it view as twenty one girls if three girls do the maximum amount work as two men?
(a) thirty (b) twenty (c) nineteen (d) twenty nine (Ans. A)

A cylinder is half dozen cms in diameter and half dozen cms tall. If spheres of constant size area unit made up of the fabric obtained, what’s the diameter of every sphere?
(a) five cms (b) two cms (c) three cms (d) four cms (Ans C)

A rectangular plank (2)1/2 meters wide will be placed in order that it’s on either aspect of the diagonal of a sq. shown below.(Figure isn’t available)What is that the space of the plank? ( Ans :7*(2)1/2 )

What is the littlest variety by that 2880 should be divided so as to create it into an ideal sq. ?
(a) three (b) four (c) five (d) half dozen (Ans. C)

A father is thirty years recenter than his son but he are going to be solely thrice as old because the son once five years what’s father’s gift age ?
(a) forty yrs (b) thirty yrs (c) fifty yrs (d) none of those (Ans. A)

An article sold at a profit of two hundredth if each worth} price and damage would be Rs.20/- the profit would be 100 percent a lot of. what’s worth} price of that article?

If associate item prices Rs.3 in ’99 and Rs.203 in ’00.What is the sharp increase in price?
(a) 200/3 the concerns (b) 200/6 the concerns (c) 100 percent (d) none of those (Ans. A)

Aditi Technologies Placement Papers


Aditi Technologies may be a Cloud Services and Outsourced development company headquartered in urban center, India that gives data Technology Outsourcing services to enterprises and freelance computer code Vendors. At Aditi, we have a tendency to acknowledge the speed of business amendment and also the necessity to retort thereto. we have a tendency to believe a way forward for Cloud powered applications wherever none of our customers can ever ought to pay their time and energy in managing IT dependencies. we would like our customers to specialise in their world ever-changing ideas whereas effort the work of building and running their IT on the Cloud to United States.


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