Vatsa Solutions Pvt Ltd Placement Papers

Vatsa Solutions is a truly global, end-to-end Software Services organization. We provide guaranteed, efficient, and extremely cost-effective software solutions to enterprises worldwide, using an onsite-offshore delivery model. We demonstrated ourselves by meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the delivery of these services. Our customer-centric belief establishes a value proposition focused on long-term relationships and delivery of value added services.


L&T Infotech Placement Paper


L&T Infotech, a subsidiary of L&T, could be a international IT services and solutions supplier company primarily based in city, India. L&T Infotech is stratified #8 in Bharat IT firms in 2011-2012. the corporate has thirty-nine registered offices in twenty two countries.
L&T Infotech, our trustworthy partner for over four years, brings to the table a strong combination of deep experience in JD Edwards and wonderful understanding of the Oil & Gas business. we have a tendency to appreciate L&T Infotech’s continued commitment for the victorious international implementation of JD Edwards in our organization and their efforts to boost the quantifiability and client satisfaction of our IT support towards business.
Chief info Officer (Leading European Speciality Oil Company)
L&T Infotech could be a international IT services and solutions supplier. we offer the winning edge to our purchasers by leverage our Business-to-IT Connect and deeply committed folks. Our purchasers embody business leaders like Chevron, Freescale, Hitachi, Sanyo and Lafarge, among others. they need found in USA a right-size partner United Nations agency combines scale, stability and customer-centricity
Our parent company is Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), a technology, engineering, producing and construction conglomerate, with international operations. This wealthy company heritage has given USA several inherent blessings that we have a tendency to translate into tangible edges for our purchasers.
Business-to-IT Connect
L&T Infotech’s IT solutions, driven by business context and nonmoving in domain data, deliver new efficiencies and blessings to our purchasers.
Engage the long run
Our thought partnership around technologies and approaches that have the potential to disrupt ancient business models, facilitate navigate changes in next-gen technologies.
Execution Excellence
We provide larger transparency and certainty around giant, advanced programs; clarity around come on investments; and unflawed, foremost & consistent execution.







Placement Papers:

1. in a very km race between A and B, A beats B by nine seconds or thirty six meter. Then what
is the time taken by B to complete the race.
Sol: once A has simply completed the race it suggests that B is behind by 36mts
or completed 966mts. And once a has taken T seconds to complete
the race B wants another nine secs to complete the race; meaning B runs another 36mts in
4sec thus his speed is 36/9 = 4mts/sec
So travels 1000mts or 1km in 1000/(36/9)=250secs(time=dist/speed)
So A completes race in 250-9sec=241secs [refer rs aggarwal quant ability race and
gameof skills eg downside ]

2. If 4apples and 6oranges price 13/- and 2apples & 4oranges price 7/- realize price of 1
apple and one orange.
Sol: deduct 2d eqn from first then we’ve 2a-2o=6 =>1apple and 1orange price 3/-

3. If an individual travels for P kilometre in t hrs and so will increase his speed by x km/hr realize his
new speed.
a) (p/t)+x b) pt+x c)p/x+t d)pt/x ans:a

4,5,6 questons supported statistics from a chart

7. If a kite is at a height of 50mts from ground and also the angle of inclination from some extent
on ground is 60degree then realize length of the kite sting. Sol: supported trig heights and distances: sin60=height of kite/length of
string(altitude/hypotenuse) ans:100/(root of 3)

8. If avg. of 6 nos. is eight and later two new nos. square measure additional such the avg of this eight
nos is six then what’s the avg of recently additional 2 nos.
Sol: avg=total total of values/ no of objects or observation
? eight =total total of values of six nos /6
? total total of values of six nos=6*8=48
now once two new nos square measure additional applying same formula 6= total total of values of eight nos/8
? total total of worths of eight nos=48 that the value has not modified which implies the total of
added two nos is zero thus avg=zero/2=zero (ans)

9. what’s going to of 4/7 is 4/5?
Sol: *100= ans =140%

10. By what’s going to ought to an individual sell a writing thus on gain a profit of pure gold even once
giving a reduction of ten the troubles
Sol) the simplest thanks to solve such issues is by presumptuous value} price as 100rs
thus to urge a profit of pure gold suggests that to sell at 100+24=124/-
thus suppose he sold-out it at 100 percent discount ab initio he sells at 90rs thus ther could be a distinction
of 34/-

11. One downside on Arithematic progression

12. One on mean

13. Matrix addition:
If one two three one one one zero one two
five seven nine = three four seven + two three two
two three four one one one one two ?
then what’s the worth of ?
ans: 4-1=3

14. realize the determinant of a 3*3 matrix? terribly simple

15. A red lightweight glows each 10sec, yellow each 15sec and red each 18sec. find the
number of times all 3 glow along from 8:00AM to 9:00AM (including each times)
Sol : multiple of ten,15,18 = 90
So each ninety seconds all 3 glow along thus in one hour there square measure 3600 secs
So 3600/90=40 times however answer is forty one as a result of they glow at 0th second that’s at eight Am
since each times square measure enclosed.


Computer Sciences Corporation Placement Papers


Computer Sciences Corporation is associate degree yankee transnational corporation that has data technology services and skilled services.Take advantage of quite twenty years of expertise in world delivery. CSC in Bharat could be a hotbed of Innovation and technical experience and a gold normal for method maturity and quality.It started with 2 men, 100 bucks and a dream. From the instant CSC was born on Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 1959, ingenuity has been a actuation behind our success. we have a tendency to square measure typically asked, “What is it that you simply do?” Humbly, nonetheless honestly we have a tendency to say: we have a tendency to do superb things.
Neeraj Nityanand is that the manager of CSC in Bharat overseeing CSC India’s business and operations as well as all service lines and support functions. among this role, Neeraj is liable for building and sustaining the CSC complete in support of key business objectives and stakeholders as well as CSC’s domestic and world shoppers, and workers.
Neeraj joined CSC in could 2006 to steer a key transformation initiative aimed toward increasing CSC’s footprint in Bharat and enhancing the world Delivery capability. In his previous role with CSC’s world Consulting cluster, Neeraj was a lead govt overseeing new business, strategy, acquisitions and world delivery.
Prior Experience:
Prior to connexion CSC, Neeraj was President of Scicom Technologies settled in Noida, India. He has conjointly served as Senior vice chairman, Business Development & world selling at Satyam pc Services restricted (now a Mahindra Satyam Company) and control numerous senior govt positions as well as President of Unocal Bharat, associate degree Indian subsidiary of Unocal Corporation (now Chevron), Director of Business Development, PMDC, associate degree unregulated subsidiary of a utility company, PTL, settled in Pennsylvania, Air merchandise & Chemicals, Pennsylvania and Unisys, Blue Bell, PA. Since 1991, he has been involved enhancing cross border trade between the America and Bharat.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Kanpur in Bharat associate degreed a Masters in Engineering and an master’s degree from Carnegie financier University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.





Placement Papers:

In this spherical, they asked forty queries in forty minutes which has

Two from Venn diagram, (easy)
One from chance,
3*3 Sudoku like below, (very easy)
8 2

You have to fill the numbers from 1-9 within the boxes, such it ought to have fifteen from high to bottom and across the diagonal, then you’d have the box as just like the one below:
8 2 5
1 4 7
6 9 3

From this you would possibly have queries like, summary range|the amount|the quantity}s that area unit right and left to the number two. For us, 3 queries were asked from this:
Some four queries were asked from the four totally different passages. One downside supported age. (easy) 3 queries supported Speed and Distance. One from permutation proportion ( simple ) Few queries supported functions. (very simple one)
It consists of seventy five queries and period is forty minutes. we tend to had the queries from previous year papers.

1. ——- is related to internet services.
a) WSDL b) WML c) internet sphere d) internet logic
Ans: a

2.any massive single block of information hold on in an exceedingly information, like an image or sound file, that doesn’t embody record fields, and can’t be directly searched by the database’s program.
Ans: b

3.A reserved space of the immediate access memory accustomed increase the running speed of the pc program.
a) session memory
b) bubble memory
c) cache memory
d) shared memory
Ans: c

4.a small subnet that sit between a trusty internal network associate degreed an untruster external network, like the general public web.
a) LAN
b) MAN
c) WAN
d) DMZ
Ans: d

5.technologies that use radio waves to mechanically establish individuals or objects,which is extremely like the barcode identification systems,seen in retail stores everyday.
Ans: d

6.main()American state = ten.5;
double dbl = ten.5
if(fl ==dbl)
printf(“UNITED we tend to STAND”);

What is the output?
a) compilation error
b) UNITED we tend to STAND
d) Linkage error.
Ans: c

7.main() if(ivar)

What is the output?
a)1 two three four five
b) five four three two one
d) Compiler error:main can’t be algorithmic operate.
Ans: b


What is the output?
b) 20
c) compile error
d) linker error
Ans: d

9..#define clrscr() one hundred
main() “, clrscr());

What is the output?
a)100 b)10 c)compiler errord)linkage error
Ans: a

int j = 40;
vpointer = &cHar;
vpointer = &j;
printf(“%d”,*(int *)vpointer);
vpointer = cHarpointer;
printf(“%s”,(char*)vpointer +3);

What is the output?
a) g40GLE
b) g40GOOGLE
c) g0GLE
d) g4GOO
Ans: a

capgemini placement papers


Application Lifecycle Services may be a managed service for all or a part of your application landscape, covering application conception, style and readying through service, renewal and disposal.

Our sturdy delivery models cut back prices and deliver maximum:

Productivity: our international sourcing model and industrialised delivery strategies cut back prices up to thirty third
Flexibility: variable application prices and flexible business services improve gracefulness and cut back end-to-end time up to tierce
Impact: orienting IT with business strategy boosts the worth of your IT and your business potentia.
Our Industrial product observe helps you fleetly and intuitively answer dynamic market conditions and demands. we tend to draw on our expertise of operating with a number of the world’s largest industrial product makers to assist you develop productive leadership ways and optimize your operations to become best-in-class.


BirlaSoft Placement Papers


Birlasoft could be a data Technology Services supplier based in 1995 and headquartered in India. the corporate provides computer code and practice to the banking, monetary services, insurance and producing industries.
Maintaining the lead in an exceedingly dynamic market could be a continuous method. SAP solutions will provide organizations the correct leverage to stay a position over competition. permitting the consolidation of knowledge, from varied functions, underneath one system, SAP solutions aid the effective alignment of business processes to business goals.
Birlasoft provides SAP solutions, in partnership with SAP, that permit organizations to attach the complete enterprise along. Our distinctive mix of domain, purposeful and technology skills, facilitate U.S.A. deliver the correct solutions that alter shoppers to contour their business processes, increasing overall potency and effectiveness. additionally, Birlasoft has invested with in an exceedingly dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE), that works on a best practices framework to ensure best at school program management, quality assured deliverables and made business and technical insights.
What Birlasoft Provides
SAP solutions span the complete enterprise and address all business desires. However, booming alignment of those solutions with the business needs goodish experience. As a SAP partner, Birlasoft’s SAP solutions alter organizations to pioneer quicker, permitting them to realize important competitive advantage.
Our consumer base spans across numerous sectors, starting from producing shoppers in machine & machine parts, oil & gas, to ballistics, electrical instrumentality and property, to service shoppers in supplying and care. This robust foundation of business information, in addition to resolution experience, empowers our SAP solutions to handle all IT and business challenges with efficiency. Our SAP solutions include:
SAP Audits
SAP Implementation & Rollouts
SAP Upgrades & Migrations
SAP Application Management & Support
SAP Shared Services


Placement Papers:

1. largest number is written from eight bits is
a. 256
b. 255
c. 8
d. 10
2. modification a hex no to positional representation system
3. what number address lines required to pass 1MB of knowledge.
*4. what’s the perform of the modulus operator in most language.
a) Sets a system environmental worth to either base ten ,base eight or base sixteen
b) Returns the rest when dividing one variety by another
c) Returns the primary argument raised to the second argument power
d) Prints out the particular code written to straightforward output instead of corporal punishment the code
*5. category professor
class teacher: public virtual professor;
class researcher: public virtual academic
class myprofessor :public teacher,public man of science ;
Referring to the sample code on top of ,if AN object of sophistication ìmyprofessorî were created ,how many instances of academic can it
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
*6. trendy RDBMSís perfom the subsequent the subsequent functionc aside from.
a) Force column values in one table to match any of the values in a very column of another table
b) mechanically replicate knowledge on another server
c) mechanically produce new indexes supported question history
d) forestall unauthorized users from accessing knowledge at the firls level
*7. that isn’t the characteristics of a read ?
a) Consumes space for knowledge
b) Multiple tables
c) Multiple rows
d) Updateable
*8. RDBMS triggers ar generally sure to hundred thousand one or lighter
a) Table,SQL statement sorts
b) SQL statement kind,user
c) Column,rows
d) User, table
*9. What relationship is resolved by AN ìintersectingî or ìassociativeî entity ?
a) algorithmic
b) necessary one to at least one
c) several to several
d) One to at least one
*10. build a duplicate of file ìupperî within the directory 2 levels up .
a) jump -2 higher
b) cp higher ../..(answer)
c) cp higher -2/
d) None of the on top of
i = 0;
j = 0;
In the (generic) code phase on top of what’s going to be the worth of the variable i at completion ?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 3
d) 9
e) 10
*12. that of the subsequent statements is true once a derivation inherits each a virtual and non-virtual instance of a
base category ?
a) every derived category object has base objects solely from the non virtual instance
b) every base category object has derived objects solely from the non-virtual instance
c) every derived category object has base objects solely from the virtual instance
d) every derived category object features a base object from the virtual instance and a base object from non-virtual instance.
*13. class Word
Referring to the sample code on top of what’s the minimum variety of arguments needed to decision the creator ?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
********************apptitute section***********************
1. an issue sort of a is engg. B is doctor C is creator etc then few condition associated with them
you have offer answer to four or five qs on these conditions .
2. same as on top of with completely different knowledge and conditions.
i recommend you need to opt for these queries coz in three or four minutes you’ll be able to answer seven or eight qs
3. concerning four to five queries on transcription four sentences to create a paragraph.
4. three qs onfinding error in english sentences (two or 3 sentances given anybody is inaccurate that is underlined) you’ve got to
choose correct sentance from four choices.
5. if father is 3 times as recent as son . five years agone he was four times age of his son what’s son age.
6. same as on top of however currently female offspring and mother joined in and age in question is that of female offspring.
7.a figure is given realize no of traingles during this figure
8. same as on top of however figure is diffrent and realize no of squares and triangles.
9. add of a series of n numbers is n+8 . realize second (or second last, i dont remember) no.

The Advisory Board Company Placement Papers


The planning board Company could be a world analysis, technology, and business firm partnering with quite one hundred sixty five,000 leaders in additional than four,100 organizations across health care and better education.
Through our membership model, we tend to collaborate with executives and their groups to search out and implement the simplest solutions to their toughest challenges. however it’s not enough simply to understand the proper answer—we got to solve real-world issues.
That’s why we tend to produce performance technology product that tell members wherever their biggest improvement opportunities area unit, and the way to induce results.
That’s why our skilled researchers analyze thousands of case studies each year to search out and share tried best practices.
That’s why our talent development team offers active coaching to cultivate leaders and drive manpower engagement.
And, that’s why our seasoned consultants offer active support and steering in health systems and Dr. practices round the world.
Since our origination in 1979, we’ve got full-grown from alittle company in an exceedingly single housing into a world firm spanning 9 offices on 3 continents.
Research continues to be at the core, however currently we tend to serve our members even additional comprehensively as a trusty thought, operational, and technology partner. most significantly, we tend to adopt every organization’s priorities as our own and deploy best-in-class workers and resources against them.
See however we’ve evolved beside the health care industry—and expanded into teaching.


Adrenalin e Systems Placement Papers


As business conglomerates scan the world in search of newer market territories, the pains of keeping a business alive has become much more advanced and result orientating. From attending to implementation to keeping morale high, CEOs in conjunction with the support of strategic unit of time have their job cut out.

This is wherever catecholamine helps. This Human Capital Alignment (HCA) software system could be a strategic method that consists of a cycle of activities together with unit of time Administration and worker Life Events, achievement, Performance Management, coaching Management, Learning Management, Shift Management, Payroll, Leave Management, Time & attending Management and unit of time Analytics each different detail that may facilitate bring out the best possible in your staff.
Adrenalin offers a whole vary of end-to-end unit of time solutions that may modify all departments to attach instantly, thereby providing unlimited and straightforward access to relevant data and communication for action, reporting, assessment, direction and steerage. Having pioneered the business of Human Capital Management Systems, we’ve enforced our solutions in over five hundred organisation’s the globe over, serving to them enter a quick and straightforward world of intelligent operating with time period data sharing. You can also get reworked.
Adrenalin eSystems restricted could be a world product and software system solutions company within the field of unit of time automation. it’s a locality of lodestar monetary Technology, a pacesetter in progressive solutions for Core Banking, company Banking, Wealth & plus Management and Insurance. AeSys is headquartered in Madras, with partners and sales offices across Republic of India and worldwide.

Adrenalin‘s mission is to actualize Human Potential within the context of business through the employment of technology. it’s dedicated investments in marketing research and has over fifteen,000 man-months of expertise in method automation.


Accenture placement papers


Accenture may be a world service industry, technology services and outsourcing company, with roughly 275,000 folks serving purchasers in additional than one hundred twenty countries. Combining unique expertise, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and in depth analysis on the world’s most victorious firms, Accenture collaborates with purchasers to assist them become superior businesses and governments. the corporate generated web revenues of US$28.6 billion for the yr complete August. 31, 2013.
Corporate citizenship is prime to Accenture’s character and also the means we have a tendency to run our company as a superior business. it’s anchored in our core values, our Code of Business Ethics and, ultimately, mirrored by our folks that live and add communities round the world. From Skills to Succeed to the setting, Accenture and our folks do things the Accenture means, making long price for the communities wherever we have a tendency to live and work and, ultimately, increasing fight for each business and also the world as a full.
We take the widest attainable read of inclusion and variety, going on the far side gender, race, religion, ethnicity, abilities, sexual orientation ANd personal identity and expression to form an setting that welcomes all styles of variations.

We area unit committed to providing AN inclusive and open setting that pulls, retains, develops and advances people with totally different wants and expectations. investing the ability of our diversity and that specialize in the outcomes that concern facilitate our purchasers bring home the bacon high performance fuel a powerful sense of happiness and pride in our company. By hold AN inclusive culture that supports numerous talent, our folks collaborate with success and modify Accenture to contend effectively within the world marketplace.


Placement Papers:

1) A wizard named Nepo says “I am solely 3 times my son’s age. My father is forty years quite doubly my age. along the 3 folks
are a mere 1240 years recent.” however recent is Nepo?

Ans. 360 years recent.

2) One dog tells the opposite that there arasure} 2 dogs before of me.The other one additionally shouts that he too had 2 behind him. what percentage area unit

Ans. Three.

3) a person Ate a hundred bananas in 5 days, on a daily basis consumption six quite the previous day. what percentage bananas did he eat the primary day?

Ans. Eight.

4) If it takes 5 minutes to boil one egg, however long can it desire
boil four eggs?

Ans. 5 minutes.

Accel Frontline Ltd Placement Papers


Accel Frontline Ltd is associate degree IT services company based mostly in city, India. it absolutely was a joint-venture company between Accel restrictedof city and Frontline Technologies Corporation restricted of Singapore.
Accel Frontline restricted could be a leading supplier of Integrated IT services to tiny, medium and huge enterprises. the corporate with associate degreeworker strength of over 4000, operates in seven countries and provide the subsequent services,
Engineering and R&D services
Outsourced development (OPD)
IT Infrastructure Management (RIMS)
Managed Services
Enterprise Applications for Banking, telecommunication and producing.
An ISO 9001: 2000 Certified company with 100+ locations in Asian country, providing IT Infrastructure services. Accel restricted bought back BT’s Stake and becomes the bulk share holder with seventy.44% stake in 2011.

In 2011 , the corporate Integrated Ushus technologies , a gaggle company engaged embedded package to strengthen its package services portfolio.

In 2012, in an exceedingly move to consolidate its IT business activities, it determined to merge Accel Frontline Services restricted that could be a leading player in guarantee Management Solutions with itself. With this merger that is underneath implementation, the corporate can have sturdy presence as a consolidated IT Services supplier in Asian country.




Placement Papers:

1. what {number} half-dozen digit number may be fashioned from the digits one, 2, 3, 4, 5, half-dozen that square measure dissociable by four and digits aren’t repeated?
A. 192
B. 122
C. 140
D. 242
Answer clarification

2. Eighteen guests need to be seated , 0.5 on either side of a protracted table. Four explicit guests need to sit down on the actual aspect and tree others on the opposite aspect. confirm the amount of the way during which seating arrangement may be made?
A. 9! x 11C5 x 6C6
B. 11C5 x 6C6
C. 9! x 6C6
D. 9! x 11C5
Answer clarification

3. In what number ways in which will a garland of ten totally different flowers be made?
A. 9!/2
B. 9!
C. 10!
D. 10!/2
Answer clarification

4. what {number} totally different number of words may be fashioned with the letters of the word ‘ORDINATE’ starting with ‘O’ and ending with ‘E’?
A. 5040
B. 576
C. 720
D. 120
Answer clarification

5. 23. in an exceedingly town no 2 person have a consistent set of teeth and there’s no one while not a tooth. conjointly no one over thirty two teeth. If we have a tendency to disregard the form and size of tooth and contemplate solely the positioning of the teeth, then realize the most population of the town. (Assume no 2 person have an identical configuration concerning the positioning of teeth)
A. 232
B. 232-1
C. 230
D. 230-1

1. 2 range square measure within the magnitude relation three : five. If nine is subtracted from every, the new numbers square measure within the magnitude relation twelve : twenty three. The smaller range is:
A. 27
B. 33
C. 49
D. 55
Answer clarification

2. The magnitude relation of the speed of flow of water in pipes varies reciprocally because the sq. of the radius of the pipes. what’s the magnitude relation of rates of flow in 2 pipes diameter a pair of cm and four cm.?
A. 2:1
B. 1:8
C. 1:2
D. 1:4
Answer clarification

3. once a bus started from the primary stop, the amount of male passengers to the amount of feminine passengers was 3:1. At the primary stop sixteen passengers got down and half-dozen additional females passengers got back. the magnitude relation of the male to feminine passengers currently become 2:1. What was the entire range of passengers within the bus once it started from the primary stop?
A. 64
B. 48
C. 54
D. 72
Answer clarification

4. If 0.75 : x :: five : eight, then x is equal to:
A. 1.12
B. 1.2
C. 1.25
D. 1.30
Answer clarification

5. If the magnitude relation of boys to women in an exceedingly category is B and also the magnitude relation of women to boys is G, then 3(B+G) is
A. equal to 3
B. but three
C. over half-dozen
D. but 1/3


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