Sigma Soft Solutions Placement Papers

Sigma Software Solutions is an IT Service Provider catering to leading organizations in the Broadband, Telecom, Health Benefits and Retail sector with facilities in Pune, Bangalore-India and Toronto-Canada. Sigma’s strengths are based on its strong Delivery capability arising out in depth technology and domain skills and rich experience in managing offshore development of cutting edge technology products and custom solutions.

Tibco Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011 at PICT Pune

TIBCO is a leading business integration and process management software company.
Which enables real-time business with thousands of customers.

Package : 5.5 lacks for freshers.

Criteria :  60% aggregate and  each Same 55% and more.

Branches : Comp/IT

Domain : JAVA

Aptitude Paper :

Quantitative :

1) A batsman out for 23 runs, which raises his batting average for the season from 15 to 16.
How many should he have scored to bring his average up to 18 ?
a. 27 b. 33 c. 39 d. 37 e. 42

2)What is area of triangle whose sides are in the ratio 9:40:41 and whose perimeter is 180 meters?
a. 640 sq.m b. 760 c. 180 d. 720

3) A car travels 20 miles in the same time as another car travelling 20 mph faster covers 30 miles. How long does

the journey take?
a. 29 min b. 28 c. 31.5 d. 32.5 e. 30

4)Water has been poured into an empty rectangle tank @ 5 cubic feet per minute for 6 minutes. The length of the

tank is 4 feet & the width is one half of the Length. How deep is the water in the tank?
a. 7.5 inch b. 3ft 7.5 inches c. 3ft 9inches d. 7ft. 6 inches e.30 ft.

5) which is smallest possible integer whcih gives the remainder 5 when divided by any one of 7,8 or 9?
a. 549 b. 509 c. 555 d. 1013

6) If F(x) =(x+3)/(2x-1), What is the value of F(1)+F(-1) ?
a. 10/3 b. 4/3 c. 4 d. 2

7) tHE sum of squares of three consecutive integers is 245 . WHAT is the sum of integers ?

8) If x,y,z are chosen from three numbers -3,1/2 and 2. what is the largest posible value of expression (x/y)z*z?

9) If the taxi fare is X rupees for the first quarter kilometer of a trip and X/5 rupees for each additional

quarter kilometer, what is the charge  for travelling Y kilometers?

10) If i invest part of Rs. 3500 at 4% simple interest and the rest at 5% and receive Rs. 4265 at the end of 2

years. how much did i invest at 5 % ?

11) X can do a piece of work in 4 hours. Y and Z can do it in 3 hours. X and Z can do it in 2 hours. How much time

would Y alone to take to do it ?

12) A purse contains  Rs. 42 in coins of 50 paise, 20 and 10 paise denominations in the ratios 2:4:5.
What is the total number of coins ?

13) If 5X + 9Y -89=0 and 2X-17Y-15=0 . what is the value of X ?

14)What is the farthest distance between two points on a cylinder of height 8 & radius 8 ?

a. 8 root(3) b. 16 c. 8(2pi +1) d. 8 root(5) e. 8 root(2)

Technical Paper :