Hi guysPlacement process include the following requirements:

2 years experience of these individuals … BE / Diploma / X and XII in all semesters and 70% of the total is through. They also check for any outstanding in the history of engineering .. Be careful

This company in Bangalore was an online test … Including the degree of your mark sheets, X, XII counters will be verified with the seal of the company will be allowed in. .. Fake mark sheets showing they either over the counter or inside the company will be rejected …

First round Aptitude Test (Online) consist of divided
Analytical and logical reasoning + English (verbal)

All questions are multiple choice with no negative marking .. It is about 20 to 10 minutes is held. It mainly RS Agarwal is nonverbal and verbal questions .. If you have gone through the test set with the easier it will become clear in time. Many of them were rejected in the first round ..


The first day there were around 2000 people. Instructions for answering mainly helps to remember the time .. Bcoz the trial is about to end in 10 minutes, change the background to gray and yellow for the last 2 minutes, turn …

I cleared the first round and second round consisting of technical tests.
Options for choosing us for networking with C or C + + or Java or C + + data structures as well .. Select the language you are comfortable with u can …

I chose C + + with Networking .. Those who participated in other tests can also post your experience … Within 30 minutes of the 3 programs (with options) had 20 questions including .. The 10 C + + and consists of 10 questions networking concepts. Any cause of my misfortune that I was not able to clear.

I think the next round will normally interview the technical and human resources .. Sony sure u take part in well prepared and with all concepts are completely those who come to please .. They will take a lot of …



Hi guysI on 29/09/08 Sutherland for technical support executives, in Santhome in Chennai participated in the walk. First there will be an online registration, and the next round will round communication skills, will be selected if you have good communication skills. The next round will be the online test, here are some questions which I got.

Online Test 1: (analytical)
Analytical Section 20 questions, 20 minutes, were all that simple.


1. Series 5, 20, 24, 6, 2, 8, Find the next number?

2. If a car covers 300 miles in 2 hours, then what is the velocity of the car?

3. 3 pieces of a gold chain, then again how required to make a complete chain is broken into a number of openings.

4. What is 10% of 50?

5. If the range is coded as 12345, 123 678 random coded form, as to how Pakistan can?

6. A 71/8 More, 3/4/9 7?

7. 20/0.8 =?

8. Man and a woman points out that “this man is the only daughter of my mother, so how man relates to women?

9. My father had three sisters, and father of two children, each having their grand children. I have so many cousins?

10. If the mango is then coded as 82 347 ……….. Is coded as (I forgot)

11. 2268
The first line is the answer to all three rows split apart?

Online Test 2: (oral)
There are 20 questions in 20 minutes in this section, is somewhat difficult.

Typing Test:
If the above two 2-minute online test clearly a typing test so there will be more than 90% accuracy, and must have a total of 25 words per minute typing.

Written examination:
Note: Those who are not will not clear the round HR context.

Human Resources Round:
The final round will be HR round.

Note: Guys, I say from my experience, being a fresher, can the technical support executive job, if u employee references or HR reference means you can easily clear round communication skills are. But you get the job, only if you or your HR references are exceptionally good communication and technical knowledge.

All the best

Syntel Placement Paper 2012 / Technical Questions & Aptitude Questions

Syntel Technical Interview Questions:Between virtual and abstract method 1.Difference?
2.What runtime polymorphism?
3.What Overiding is?
4.What is the use of a private constructor?
5.What design pattern used in this project?
6.What is an interface? There is no relationship betweem interface and performance?
7.what is an abstract class?
8.What DataSet and DataReader is the difference between?
9.What CommandBuilder is?
10.What is the difference between application and Sesssion?
11.How do you host a service?
12.What is a cursor, you place a cursor?
13.Whare temporary tables are?
14.What Channel Factory?
15.what heap memory?
A program for Fibonacci series 16.write?
A program for the linked list 17.write?

Syntel HR questions:

Me something about yourself 1.Tell?
Me about computers 2.Tell?
3.What is the frontend and backend?
Microsoft 4.Founder?
5 .. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
6.Who developed Java?
Syntel 7.Why u want to join in?
8.Which kind of movies do you like?
9.Why should I hire u?


Syntel Model Placement Paper:


1.intimidness: Fear
2.crust: wave
3.assist: save
4.affirm: signal

1. Odd man out: a) stem b) fruits c) flowers d) tree e) root
2. 9, __, 15, 18, 21, 24
3. Seating arrangements (2 puzzles)
4. Books arrangements (Puzzle)
5. Flowchart
6. 3 days a month Monday. Then after 5 days of that month is 21?
7. Blood relationship question

Eligibility Questions:


2. LCM of 3 nos is 120 which of the following should not be their HCF
A. 8, b.24 C.12 D.24 and 30

3.Two trains going in the opposite direction from point B to the point they meet the second train travel more than 120 kilometers. Speed ​​50kmph and 60kmph respectively find the distance between A and B?

4. 6mts/min a monkey climbs a poll at the rate fell below 3mts alternately. Length 60 million tons of choices, how long it will take to reach the top?
A. 31 c.37 d.40 b.33 (Answer: 37)

5.A No. 7/18 instead of 7/8 results in less than 770 times and got real results, find the original number?

6. Amount equal to the radius of the cone and the area, the area ratio of the height of the cone diameter find?

7.Half of the profit is shared equally the remaining is shared according to their investment. Find their profits.

8. Simple interest and compound interest for 2 years is the difference between?
A: B = 02:03 and B: C = 5:06, then A: B: C

9. A sum of Rs 64 has become 125 in 3 years in compound interest, find the interest rate?

10. Same time for the above problem (the interest rate is given)

11. Is not prime, which is more than 6 divided by 6 is always a balance
ans: 1 or 5


14. Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equal to a net discount ..

15. A two-digit number is 4 times the amount of points, the number 9 is added, the points will be reversed. What is the number?
Replies: 12

16. The length of the rectangle is ‘4 a ‘and its breadth is ‘2 a’. Two circles of radius ‘a’. The total area of ​​the rectangle with the Rectangle not in proportion to the area by two circles

17. A person starts with the speed of u / 1 kmph and U / returns with a speed of 2 kilometers per hour, what is his average speed.

18. A cistern will be filled in 9 hrs, but becoz of an outlet it is filled in 10 hours, if the cistern is filled, then how much time it takes to empty the cistern outlet.

19. A right-angled triangle ABC angle B = 90, BM is the median to AC, then AB2 + BC2 (in terms of BM)

20. Atriangle three circles of equal radius r with center as the three vertices are drawn. With the triangle is the sum of the squares of these circles.

21. X men work for X days to produce X products, then Y men can produce y products – day.

22. For first and second year compound interest at a fixed amount is 200 and 220. Find the sum.

23. Marked price of a commodity is 35% above the cost price. If he gives a discount of 15%, the yield on the deal.

24. 5 Common Common + 1 + 4 = 7 mandarin oranges. Find the common ratio of orange.

25. A man starts a work, after some time some one like him .. Get

26. 100men have enough food for 60days. 500men food for many days is enough?

27. So how many men required if the work day for10days the 60 / per 5hrs – if 8men 8hrs 8days per day works for 45 / do?

28. 12% of a person selling an item at a profit if he sold it at a loss of 12% Rs.6 / will get less. What is the cost?

29. (1/2 1 / ((3/4-2/5) / (/ 2 3/5 +4))) * (2/4 3 / ((4/3-2/5) (/ (5 / 3/5 +6))) (separate numbers)

30. The average age of X number of adults in a class is 30yrs. If 12 new adults with an average age of 32 joined with them, and the average age increases. Find X?

31. An area with a radius of 4 cm radius 2cms water level in the cylinder is dropped. Increase in water level is (not sure)

32. …. Find the average of reciprocals of x and y:

33. In a school there are 1000 students in the year 1999. In 2000, 20% of the number of studentsincreased. And it has increased by 15% in 2001. But decreased by 18% in 2002. What is the force in 2002.

All the best guys!

TCS Campus Interview & Placement Paper VIT College Jan 19, 2011

Hello friends, I attended TCS interview. I think you will be part of that experience. 1 day, it was written test in which there was only a question of merit. Some of them are very simple, but having a lot of theory, and we need to indentify the main question. 35 to 80 minutes were quetion. Time was there, but the question at the time was level.tcs

Ability questions were like:

1. A girl has to make pizza with different toppings. There are 8 different toppings. In how many ways can she make pizzas with 2 different toppings.
Answer: 8 56 * 7 =

2. What is the distance Z-intercept equation ax + x-intercept + cz + d = 0. (A, b, c, d values ​​do not remember)

3. . A scientist was researching on animal behavior in his lab. He was very interested in analyzing the behavior of bear.comply with the bear. At his lab in2. What color is the bear? I think the ans is white.

4. 3 persons a, b, c there were always speak the truth, B Monday, tusday located on the Wednesday.but C thrusday, Friday and Saturday a day. “Said one of the B and C thatâ €? B. said â € œyesterday way tomorrow as the day of days when I lie” that many said, “When I lay.” So which day?

I cleared the written test and interview the next day @ IEC G.Noida
There were two goals in the interview. 1. 2 technical. Human resource

Technical Interview …
I was late on the day of the interview. I think there needs to be stepped up @ 9:00, but I got there @ 10:15 am b, coz it takes 3 hours from my house and I had no knowledge.

So I missed the presentation, I would like to resume the details about the students fill in the form for a brief overview of TCS. I was nervous and my number was there to interview at 11:00.

I was nervous, but I have extended myself. Were due ..
1. I was too late.
2. I missed the presentation. You learn key presentation.
3. I was No. 1 in the queue.
4. My friend was not there.
I entered the room the interviewer.
He offered me a seat to sit and interview started.

Interviewer: Hello Navneet,
Me: Hello sir.
Interviewer: Well, let me introduce myself.
I: I spoke to two minutes. My name is Navneet Agarwal. Father’s occupation, mother and siblings. The housing and academic qualifications, strengths, strengths, achievements, hobbies, weakness but + ve way and purpose.
Interviewer: Okay, so what’s your favorite topics, Navneet.
I cryptography
Interviewer: And Language
I: C, Core Java
Interviewer: Search and code implements bubble
Me: I did, but with a mistake.
Interviewer: error in solving
Me: I did.
Interviewer: Some of the data structure q
Me: Sorry sir,
Interviewer: Well, what is the RSA and DES.
Me: I explained.
Interviewer: You never encryption for any pro-coded
Me: Yes, I explained
Interviewer: Let me give three examples of encryption software.
Me: I did.
Interviewer: Tell me the names of 3 as the co. Write the code for the encryption.
Me: Sorry sir,
Interviewer: A probability q.
Interviewer: What is the key and a bit?
Me: I explained.
Interviewer: What are examples of encryption techniques.
I: DES, RSA, Diffie Helman ……..
Interviewer: What is ur technical interest?
I: Java.
Interviewer: That means if u have any project on any other software or language, do u? U cum leave or will not work either.
Me: No, sir, I want to join TCS Thats another area I and bla, bla, bla can find employment in
Interviewer: You ask any q;
I: Yes. Some suggestions to improve yourself?
Interviewer: Go and intensive study.
He allowed me to leave the room. And then I was called for HR interview. I was happy. Now I was not nervous

Human Resources: Hello Navneet and the seat. Dear HR were two
I: I first offered his seat.
Human Resources: Navneet so how was ur technically?
Well mam: I
Human Resources: What is ur nick name?
Me: I was told.
After this the appr. @ 2 minute conversation was only like my nick name and childhood:

Who u give this name? Nick and what is ur real name? U do ur name? What is its origin.
I clearly explained.
Human Resources: why do u want to join TCS.
I: I told some feature of TCS, and that I will get a good learning environment ……
Human Resources: What is ur prefferd location?
I lacation:.
Human Resources: u are foreign to the rest?
I: Course
Human Resources: u know that 2 years is a compromise?
I: Yes.
Human Resources: What is ur strength?
Me: I told him.
Some other common questions. I explained all of them and he allowed me to go.

After waiting for 3 hours, I came back home, b’coz results to be declared on the next day.

When the heart beats too fast that night, I could not sleep. I was worried. My HR was so good that I am sure that I will be selected in TCS. My HR round was even better than the technical.

List dispayed next day and u know my namewas there.

A look at the fate
Round which was approved was not so good. Round which was approved and is also good, was not.

Today is June 27, 2011.
I have written for many companies participated in interviews, but so far I’m not. Hope so that I can be placed in any company.
But u never loose ur faith. It really needs and destiny yes ur interview …..

Tech Mahindra Placement PAPER – LDRP-ITR 10 March 2011 Gujarat

Clearing Tech Mahindra is all about qualification.
If approved qualification, you are much more likely.Here is the whole process.
-> Qualification (selected out of 90 350))
-> Tech Interview (60 out of 90 were selected)
-> Group Discussion and Personal Interview (finally 51 were selected)

3 colleges took part in the campaign.
LDRP ITR, LD College, Changa


Students come to us process.About 340 placement.The whole process was called at 10 in the morning and took 2 days.On 1 day qualifying 35 ‘studensts interviews were taken. The other 55 students were taken on the second day of the interview.

They started with the presentation ceremony. Please do not waste your time if you are not eligible because they are doing a lot of that. You will waste your time.

After the presentation we were given for the qualifying examination.
Ability to start around 10-11.
What is important is the speed in qualifying.
I have given qualifying exam
-> Putney
-> Syntel
Tech Mahindra paper, among others, can be an easy, but the hard part is not hard, but the hard part is the speed.
You have 90 minutes to complete the 180 or 160 questions.
The major part, but the middle class is concerned.
20-25 minutes to finish them in one shoudl.
From some basic grammar for English fundas throgh it will be much more useful
The question could not be easier, all you have to do is to finish as fast as possible
Now mathematics is a tough one.
Some questions will be easy, some will be timeconsuming.
For that to save time.
The question will come from the series.

After they announced the results of the apti and about 90 350 were selected.
So they aptitude.So hard part is obvious merit in the main filtration.
They will have to wait for almost 2 oclock.Now interview techniques we pronounce the first batch of results.

Now the main thing here is interview.The communication technology skills and some basic knowledge of project and other programming languages.
Our placement drive 2 people were taking technical interview.
Was insisting on a project and other basic knowledge about asking.
They will give you a mark according to the performance.

He then asked me what DBMS.
I explained that it was an easy.
He asked me to get about.
I was not able to explain propely, but I think my communcation skills already done your part, so I know that he did not mind.
So I know that I have cleared the interview technique.
My Tech Interviews with students on the first day was the other35.
Approximately 23 were selected for HR.

If you have gone through here about 95 mole% of the battle is won.
Now you just have to keep your mind in your place and is ethical.
The next GD.
4 students were called every time the GD.
After it was and the GD PI.
Unluckily the 23 … 17 were selected for placement in the end.
5 students were cut loose, according to my opinion, because they were not able to give their 100% and I think that they were not able to communicate with technical people.
So they asked for in HR wil, they will put more emphasis so they are not able to answer this question, they will be rejected.
Wait about 10-11 o’clock at night and long after the results were declared.
I was chosen.
Salary level is 3.09 LPA.
Is best for you.
What is the best and trust you.
The key to winning.

Qualification as soon as possible, but is not as fast as it can lead to the wrong answer
-> Please try to attempt all the questions .. Please do not leave any question.
-> Tech interview some of the basics of the data structure and database management system through any one language to fundamentals.go
-> Try to be confident and fluent. You express ideas clearly
-> GD Not enough to live, but also adds relevant things. Irrelevant details or unfounded details.Back not say with your own examples.
-> Human Resources listen carefully to the question, the answer is the way to faith

Hope this will be helpful to anyone other query mail me ..
I certainly .. Then you give the best answer

Verifone Placement Test Paper Pattern

Verifone (Test)Verifone test Questions:
Two parts:
Note: Here are answers to what I have written, can not be right.


1. Aptitude test: 15 minutes, 20 questions
Eg. Product of three pieces. 210. What is the sum of at least two numbers?
Answer: 5 6 * 7 * = 210 funds, 11 answer =

Eg. Sqaure in an increase of 69% increase in the length of such a favor?
Answer: 13 (I think)

Eg. If the sum of the five pieces. 35? How many prime nos are:
Answer: 5 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 35, so the two primes

Eg. The length of the rectangle is reduced by 20% and 20% increase in respiratory What is the net change?
Answer: 4% decrease

2). Electrical and Electronics: 15 questions and, nand … Circuit realted stuff …
Data Structures, Algo, and complexity theory: 5 questions

A. If W is a sequence of strings without a and W is generated by its’ Waw is reversed if:
ans. I think that context-free Grammmars

b. What could be the recusive pgm iteratively writtten?

c. What will you use data structes past and vice versa if you want to go to the first record?
Answer: circular doubly linked list

d. Given Nos. 10000. And 48MB memory. What is the complexity of efficient sorting algo? (Algo is not mentioned.)

E. Given a C code and ask what he does? I think the bubble sort and that particular code similar to the code in the order and sorting Desending complexity O (n ^ 2) (the next question).

3. OS: 5 Questions
A. If there are too many page faults what is the problem?

b. Ensure Pgm one. Not corrupt other pgm. A Multi-pgm. Environment, what should you do?

c. You – What would use to implement a critical section? Binary semaphore

d. Is not necessary for a Multi-pgm. Environment? Virtual memory, security, time interchange, none of the above options.

4. Networks and Hardware: 5 questions
A. Which is used by a data link layer? Stuffing bits, parity, LRC, CRC, Czech

b. Which is not related to the data link layer?

c. Which is not suitable for a client-server application? TCP / IP, message passing, RPC, none of the above.

5. Databases and miscellaneous: 5 Questions
A. What SQL ……………… (Detail)

b. Indexing in databases give you …………

6. PGM C.: 5 Questions
1. int a = 1, b = 2, c = 3;
printf (“% d,% d”, a, b, c);

2. For (i = 0; i <= 10; i + +, printf (“% d”, i); + (+ – in questions)

3. Scope static variables …………

4. Given what the output is a C code?


Hi guys

The written test will consist of five sections of the sectional cutoff. Total no. The questions was 120.


1. Written Examination

A. Section: English (25 questions time is 20 minutes.)
5 questions were based on Article 1. 5-6 comprehension questions about the next one. (Because of the water crisis had passed, cold drinks), then the sentence correction questions are 5-6. 4 sentences were given and you need to choose the correct sentence among the options. Used to fill in the blanks on the last 8-9 questions (with some Propojisn)

b. Section B: Logic (time 30 minutes 25 questions.)
The first 5 questions were based on set theory. Were given certain conditions and those conditions you have to draw Venn diagram is based on .. Depending on that .. Been answered. The next 5 questions were of the puzzle .. E. D, the kind of question 5 brothers named A, B, C, D is smaller than B, but larger than E. C is smaller than 3 brothers. Then the youngest one .. Find twins.
The next 5 questions 2 puzzles and decision making about 10 sections. It has been for some situations .. Puzzle position .. And that after certain conditions have been .. Based on that question will be solved. Question 5 was the last puzzle .. Did you like it * is represented by 0 and 1 representing – in some language .. Is written as 4 – * – ** 3 and have written ..

c. Section C: see capacity (20 times 20 minutes of questions)
1 7 questions were on .. Milan ..
(A, B if all the strings are the same, if I and III are the same, C I and C II only if none of them are the same)
5 questions were another sign replacement ..
Is indicated by the * +, indicated by *, / symbols and + * indicated by the 2/6 +3 * +2 4 Count
5 questions were then decide ..
Statements 1 and 2 is given two statements depends on it .. One result is to tell you (if both statements results, only 1 required if adequate description of B, C, if there is only 2 details …)

d. Section D technical efficiency (up to 40 questions, 40 minutes):
Questions were based on C and data structures.
C questions are just fine .. All you need to get through .. Test your skills c ..
Data structure is a tough question .. Sketch a day every tree and asking questions.
I have about 7-9 questions received directly from the graph.
The basic concepts you need to do .. And Mark Allen WIESS, RS Salaria get through.

e.Section e-reading ability (10 questions time is 15 minutes.)
First 5 minutes. The passage was read.
Then they will take you to the passage .. Based on that trip was the question .. And you need to resolve those questions.
Was based on the passage .. Williamatte processor and the Pentium and .. Share that you have studied ..
Very simple .. Figures and there were lots of sources (main point: you uncomfortable, they provide the main points in a letter written in the answer sheet attached)
Take care to these key points: they will give you plenty of instructions .. During the exam .. Attention instruction .. I know that it is a bit annoying, but its important. And they will provide you Virtusa id .. You will find they will come up with the attendance sheet. Caring for the (very important) take. Examination after the talk, they would not take back his papers.

2. Technical Interview
They will ask you basic questions, it was a lot easier .. Be careful with your project. They will screw you in your project. If your keypoints Data Structures, DBMS and Java so willing to take any kind of questions.

3. Human Resources Interview
Just for formality.

Wipro Placement Paper – Chennai,18-9-2012

Hi readers … Wipro my interview I’m going to share the experience.Wipro campus recruitment **** Engineering College came to our college .. And 800 out of 120 selected?

Most of them are in the written test the filter .. About 150 are selected for the next round … So guys focus on the written exam

Actually Wipro selection process is very simple …. Written crack the U test.80% u will be selected …


Wipro pattern selection ….
1.WRITTEN Test (Online)
2. Technical ROUND

Sometimes they direct HR round technical round pure luck I will not conduct all its ur luck … … Went straight to HR round

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “
1.WRITTEN Test (Online)

The four parts consits ….

1. Technical 10 questions
2. Ability 20 questions
3. 20 logical reasoning
4. 20 oral

1.Technical question … Difficulty level (6/10)
If ur in ur academic performance, good question u can easily crack …
The only question the basic … Its a little hard for me

Some of the questions are ….
1.what is the primary key …
2.When underflow takes place in the data structure
3.5 in c and c + + output of questions (sorry friends, I forgot the question) c and c + + my suggestions is to study auto extern, such as standard keyword const

2.Aptitude questions (5/10)

Most questions are mathematical calculations … I suggest that there is any question that is not RS agarwall …..

That kind of power 2 50/2 49 Power Questions like … Came the order of precedence amount

3.Logical questions (9/10)

Very easy dude …..

4.Verbal (4/10)

Friends of the oral region, focusing on the oral has eliminated many of them ..

It is more complicated than a long section

There are two reading comprehension .. … Sentences, phrases, words … Jumbled sentences …. Opening the complete error ….

You’re really all about luck …

To mark a section perform batch depends on u …. They will select one of the first 100

I direct this section Human Resources (God) has gone to ..

I have experience to share with your friends, they will ask your area of ​​interest and some basic C program
In addition, they will ask basic questions on DBMS Network OS software engineering …

Like what is DBMS, is testing Watts, Watts is FDDI

I actually attend this round WAT EVER UR Mind to say, it’s very easy to find the time … Sit quietly not even know u tell Frankly I do not know (for all questions) tried to answer the relevant …

My question is …

ME: Sir come in (simple smile i)
HR: Yeah, like arrogant (age 50) I was shocked to come look ..
Me: (I’ll just stand behind and human resources)
Human Resources: Please sit down
ME: Sir, thank you
HR: Tell me about your own
I explained:
(He explained and asked) cultural r organizer (as I mentioned in the resume): Human Resources
I explained:
Human Resources: ur problems faced
I explained:
Human Resources: How u faced
I explained:

Human Resources: Why so many outstanding
I tell the story are all spotcame ..
Human Resources: You got good marks in 10 AD 12th ur so why are poor academics
Me: 10th and 12th we studied only … CLG will focus on but we have plenty of distraction .. Explained ..
Human Resources? Distraction girl wat u mean?
I:! (Actually I meant CLG cultural seminar co-curricular activities)
Human Resources: The girl in the class u like u r ..
I explained: … I *** Department (smiled) did not like the girl in my class
Human Resources: (smiling) You can k …
Human Resources: wait … You want to ask any questions ..
Me: u sir thanks for giving me the opportunity … You can tell assement HR round mark
Human Resources: Sorry, I cant tell .. Boy, why ask
Human Resources: kku can result will announce soon …
Me: Thank u sir …

Bit as much as it is put in .. Some good value on human resources is therefore >>> not tell lies … Be carefull not to tell lies if u get a lock on it will make u rejected >>>

Everyone’s best friend
Finally, please hit like if u think that my experiences are helpful


Hi guysfixed may dare “to try.This is a dream come true when Zensar Technologies visited our campus, the March 3, 2008, the stage was set up well, the show was just starting.

Zensar came to recruit four people and now it’s time for PPT ie Pre-placement talk .. They told us about the selection criteria there Zensar and of course the most important thing about the package they are offering us.


Do not allow to sit for a strange mark.

Other companies, such as the selection process is normal, we have to go under the 3 steps:
1) Aptitude Test
2) Technical Interview
3) Hr interview

Aptitude Test begins (there was no negative marking but there is sectional cut 50% off)

Testing was divided into 4 categories and each of them has 20 questions and 20 minutes. Are provided for each section, and a section for 20 minutes we were forced to solve. 20 minutes are over only once and then only we can jump to the next part.

Section English first section was the most difficult obstacle for me coz i articles, prepositions, tenses, synonyms and antonyms was prepared, but the test pattern was completely different, which was a piece of a whole sentence is underlinedI was really confused and were like five questions

Prem Chand was a _______ poet, he is still a lot of them with titles and has written several ______ _______.

The question I really arrow shooted (I hope that some of them may have hit the target)

The next 5 questions were kind of heat: temperature :: _______: _______ I am not sure that I have more then 2 to answer correctly.

And the last five questions per passage (I say that to me, “the man off the English cross sectional cut some bhikar padenge hi ye thik karne many questions”) and I’m sure I read the passage twice were based on the time that I should answer the question.

Two minutes were still there, I tried to keep myself calm, but I was really disappointed.

The next section of the mathematics was not a problem for me at all .. I quite my English section also question why I was unable to remember the 18’s table was disappointed coz.Then I have to calculate 180-18 anyway I was unable to subtract God said .. What is happening today. Then a minute later I came to my senses and I have 16 questions in just 10 or 11 minutes, almost 100% correct. Questions were very simple like

After how many days are covered by a B

2) a 53% vote in the election between the two candidates and vote in 1057, won by how many votes were there?

3) has a cost of Rs 3589. In the first four months and Rs 5216. In the next eight months, when he delivers his salary is Rs 2368 per month?

4) A man and a cow bike sells for Rs 14,000, selling his bike and he loses 20% of its beef sales gained 20%, the total profit was Rs 200. What was the cost of the cow?

5) Do not let the first number in the ratio of 02:03, the new ratio will be another three 5 is connected by two-thirds?

6) CP 12 bucks a liter of milk, a milk man milk 20lts wants to make the purchase and 200Rs. Transaction if he sells a liter to 20 liters of milk will be much water sp … (Its not a simple charge)

And age, charge, time and distance on a simple problem, etc.

The next section, the argument was average.

A, B, C, D, and E were three boys and two girls, one each in January, February’s B’day .. Be;

Every one of them sweets, ice … Cream etc.

Note: verbal as well as non-verbal reasoning (do not worry, it was not easy)

Now it’s time for the technical section is the last section of the paper:

Most of the questions were based on small production and the rest of the questions networking, computer architecture, operating system used. Questions were like:

FTP, TELNET, TCP, etc.) 1 is the fastest

2) Output:
Main () {
int x = 20, y = 35;
x = x + + + y + +;
y = + + x + + + y;
printf (“% d d” x, y);

3) char * p [] = “composed and devender”;
printf (“% c”, + (P [4]));

) 4 const char * p [] = “Abhishek shoots”;
Char k = ‘a’;
p [1] = k;
printf (“% s”, p);

5) main () {
extern int i;
I = 5;
printf (“% d”, i);

6) main () {
int i, j = 2;
If (% i j = 0)
J = 5;
printf (“% d”, j);
Option 1) when I 2) 3 odd) prime 4) fro all: what values ​​I will produce 5

The complexity of the merge) 7.

8) The sorting will use the {1,2,3,4,5} Sort?

9) holds the address of the next instruction the CPU register?

10) main () {
Char * p [] = “Pradeep gem”;
Printf (“% c% c% c”, p [i], I [P], (* 1 p) * (1 p));

11) select * from dual-output ..?

12) We typedef (i) (ii) signal (iii) double function (iv) and I can not do both II

The question which is referred to in section 4 of aptitude tests are few.

Now they asked us to wait for 30 minutes, it was really a hard time our heart was beating at full speed .. For 30 minutes, being 30 years,

The results have now been declared ..

, but I really feel bad for all my friends who were unable to overcome this obstacle. They gave us a form to fill out, it is a general description entry form, they take our CVs and we ask them to report in 15 minutes.


Now, to answer questions and started fighting.

At 9:00 we were in our college, and now it’s around 2:30 pm I’d go for 2-person technical round,

He told me you took my lunch, I said, “No, I did not break his fast, if you ask me they are hungry, some snacks with me I said,” No thanks, I I’m just hungry for the job. ”

Then they started the barrage of questions,
1) What is a pointer to a function ..
2) Explain the function of a function pointer
3 char const * p, const char * p, const * char p, const char const * p) between the
4) FILE * fp is
5) Write a program to print a file from yesterday.
6) Write a program to encrypt file

7) What is abstract
8) What is run-time polymorphism
9) What is register storage class? Register as a variable so it is essential that the storage type register will be announced?
10) What is the interface in Java?
11) What is implementation?

12) Why Java does not support multiple inheritance?
13) is a pure object-oriented C + +?
14) Why we do not object to the timing of the announcement and the new operator in Java to C + +?

15) Write a program to implement virtual functions?
16) What is the difference between file and storing the data base?
17 between hierarchical data model and network data model) is the difference?
18) 12 Codd What are the rules?
19) I have a table and told me that the 3 nf normalize?
20) is the difference between bcnf and nf 4?
21 conflict between the visual serialzability) difference
22) What is batch operating system?
23) is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?
24) What are the different types of scheduler? Explain short-term scheduler?
25) What are the different scheduling algorithms?

26) What is a system call?
27) monitors and semaphores?
28) What are the different CPU registers?
29) Object oriented model, component assembly model and waterfall model? Compare them?
30) OSI and TCP / IP is the difference between?
31) X.25?

32) CSMA / CD?

33) IEEE?

34), heap sort, merge sort?
35) hash technique?

I was thinking, “Man ye poochenge kintne query logs and core batataja she was going poochte”, there were plenty of other questions ..

This phase lasted around 50 -55 minutes and was attached to the human resource round, because we were the only ones selected from 5, now the time has come for HR interview:

1) Describe yourself as a person? (He told u to start again repeat, do not want something that is not mentioned in it)
2) says something about dreams .. I said, “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”
3) Who is your dream? , So I said, “I m telling the truth, my dream company is Google,” Google asked me, well I was prepared for that question, so I said, “God, most of them fly with courage, with which he is standing on the ground and “sky, the WLA WLA WLA watch …
4) Then Zensar why? “But you can get a big win to beat in her modesty,” that is what I had at that time
5) Where do you see after 5 years?
6) Some say, “when in Rome do as the people of Rome”
And that is, in the end I and my friends were selected in three Zensar.
Finally I want to say that,

“Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is saying, is the quiet voice at the end of the day.” I will try again tomorrow. ‘

So if you are choosing not worry coz “sad day every day the joy that comes”