Ryan, LLC Interview Questions & Placement Papers

About US :

Ryan is a leading global tax services firm, with the largest indirect tax practice in North America and the seventh largest corporate tax practice in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the Firm provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal, and international tax advisory and consulting services on a multi-jurisdictional basis, including audit defense, tax recovery, credits and incentives, tax process improvement and automation, tax appeals, tax compliance, and strategic planning.

General Campus Recruiting at Ryan, LLC

Job Profile :  Consultant, Sales and Use Tax

Interview Details – 

There is a personality test and phone interview followed by an interview with a manager, consultant, and then a principal. I though the interview process was very professional and thorough.

I was hired very quickly and had the best conversation with my reporting manager. Everyone at Ryan makes you feel welcome; the environment is always professional.

Interview Questions : 

1. The most difficult question for me personally was, “Why tax?” 

2. I was then asked related to specific examples of situations where I worked in a team environment and how I dealt with other team members.

Lithium Technologies Placement Papers

About : Lithium Technologies provides Social CRM solutions for the enterprise. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Lithium has additional offices in San Francisco, London, and Zürich.

We’re moving to San Francisco and hiring 200 people! 

Lithium engages your social customers with habit-forming community experiences. We help you find your biggest advocates, tap their passions, and motivate them to participate so you can make good things happen for one another. They engage, you get brand buzz. They get better customer service, you save money. They make confident purchases, you watch sales grow.

We do this all with a wicked-smart software platform called the Lithium Social Customer Suite. Pair this technology with our social expertise and you get one amazing set of business solutions for customer-driven Brand Advocacy, Commerce, and Social Support.

Job Profiles : 

  • Enterprise Account Executive Toronto, Canada
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager – Emeryville, CA
  • Solutions Engineer – Munich(Germany)
  • Account Executive – London, England
  • Project Manager* – SF Bay Area
  • Online Moderator – US and Global
  • Sales Engineer – LATAM (Miami based) Remote, OR


About Company : Virtusa is an IT consulting outsourcing company with agile software development and application rationalization services- the optimal IT solution.

Placement Paper : 

Hey Guys,

Written Test consist of 5 sections All having the sectional cutoff. The total no. of questions was 120. They will give the questions of each sections one-by-one and as the time expires they will take back the questions of the earlier sections

1. Written Test

a. Section A : English (contains 25 questions time 20 mins.)
The first 5 questions were based on the Article. The next one is the comprehension about 5-6 questions. (The passage was on the water crisis because of cold drinks company) Then another 5-6 questions are of sentence correction. 4 sentences were given and you need to choose the correct sentence among the options. And at the last 8-9 questions were of fill in the blanks (with the certain prepositions)

b. Section B : Reasoning (contains 25 questions time 30 mins.)
The first 5 questions were based on the set theory. Some conditions were given and based upon those conditions you need to draw the venn diagram.. and depending upon that.. the answers were given. The next 5 questions were of puzzle.. the questions were like There were 5 brothers name A, B, C, D, E. D is younger than B but elder than E. C is younger than the 3 brothers. Then find the youngest one.. Find the twins.
The next 5 questions decision making 2 puzzles and about 10 sections. It was like some conditions were given for.. forming the puzzle situation.. and after that some conditions were given.. based upon that the question will be solved. The last 5 questions were also puzzles.. it was like If 0 is represented by * and 1 is represented by – then in certain language .. 4 is written as -** and 3 is written -*- then..

c. Section C : Viewing Ability (20 questions time 20 min)
The first 7 questions were on.. the matching.. a set of strings are given and you need to view all those strings and depending upon that you have to tell that..
(A. if all strings are same, B if I and III are same, C if I and II are same, C if none of them are same)
Then the another 5 questions were of sign replacement..
if * is indicated by +,- is indicated by *, / is indicated by – and + is indicated by * then calculate 2+3/6*4+2
Then another 5 questions were of decision making..
two statements were given Statement 1 and Statement 2 and depending upon that.. a result is given you have to tell (A if both statements are needed for the result, B if only Statement 1 is sufficient, C if only Statement 2 if needed…)

d. Section D : Technical Ability (40 questions time 40 min.)
The question were based on the C and Data Structures.
The questions of C are just ok.. ALL YOU NEED IS TO GET THROUGH.. THE TEST YOUR C SKILLS..
The Data Structure questions are bit tough.. now a days everybody is asking the questions from the trees and Graphs.
I found about 7-9 questions directly from the graph.
For this all you need the core concepts.. and get through MARK ALLEN WIESS, R. S. SALARIA.

e.Section E : Reading Ability (10 questions time 15 mins.)
The first 5 mins. Were given for the passage reading.
Then after that they will take the passage from you then.. the questions depending upon that passage was given.. And you need to solve those questions.
The passage was based something upon the.. Pentium and Williamatte processors and something.. that you have studied in the time sharing..
Very easy.. lots of figures and formulas were there (Key Point: You wrote all the main points in the Rough sheet provided by them attached in the answer sheet)
Key Points Take Care for these : They will give lots of instructions.. during the examination.. carefully listen the instruction.. I know it’s a bit disturbing but its important. And they will also provide you the Virtusa id.. which you will get when they will come up with the attendance sheet. Take care for this (too much important). Don’t talk after finishing of the exam until they will take back your question papers.

2. Technical Interview
They will ask you the basic questions it was a very easy one.. be careful with your project. They’ll screw you up in your project. If your keypoints are Data Structures, DBMS and Java then keep ready for any type of questions.

3. HR Interview
Just for the formality.

Submitted By : Pranav Darak

SUTHERLAND Placement Paper

Company Profile : Sutherland Global is a technology and analytics enabled Business Process Outsourcing enterprise delivering end-to-end integrated BPO solutions.

Placement Paper :ONLINE TEST 1 : ANALYTICAL Section

20 questions /  20 minutes1. Find the next number in the series 5, 20, 24, 6, 2, 8, ?

2. If a car covers 300 miles in 2 hrs, then what is the velocity of the car?

3. If a gold chain is broken into 3 pieces, then how many number of openings required to make a full chain again.

4. What is 10% of 50?

5. If RANGE is coded as 12345, RANDOM is coded as 123678, the how can PAKISTAN as?

6. Which one is greater 71/8, 3/4, 7/9?

7. 20/0.8=?

8. A lady points out the man and said “this man mother is the only daughter of my mother”, then how is the lady relates to the man?

9. My father has three sisters, and each children of my grand father having two children each. Then how many cousins I have?

10. If MANGO is coded as 82347 then ……….. is coded as?(I forgot this )

11. 2268
What is the answer of the division of the addition of all three rows by the first row?

This section also consists of 20 questions in 20 minutes, somewhat difficult only.

If you clear the above two online test then there will be a typing test of 2 minutes, the accuracy should be more than 90%, and total words typed per minute is 25.

If you clear the above three rounds then there will be a written test round, here you will be asked to write about a topic for about fifteen to twenty lines. NOTE: Those who are not having the HR reference won’t clear this round.

Final round will be the HR round.

NOTE: friends, from my experience I can say, being a fresher, for this technical support executive job, if u have the employee reference or the HR reference means you can easily clear the communication skill round. But you will get job, only if you are having the HR reference or your communication and technical knowledge are extraordinary good.

Submitted By : Rajaram R.

Wipro Interview Questions / Placement Paper

Company Profile : 

Headquartered at Bangalore, India, we at Wipro implement the philosophy of ‘Applying Thought’, thereby helping clients to “Do Business Better”. Our path breaking innovations and ideas have culminated into the `Wipro Way’ – a process which directly impacts customer benefits by improving time-to-market, enhancing predictability and reliability, and cutting costs.

Questions with Solutions :

Submitted by : Priyanka Nair

1) Which device is more intelligent, a Switch or Hub, why?

Answer :

Generally a Hub is a broadcasting device that transmits all incoming data on output ports. However Switch can specifically direct data packets to specific devices based on their network address. Hence Switch is more intelligent in computer networks.

2) Which is cost efficient on large data networks, (based on operation costs and efficiency) a switch or hub?

Switch is cost efficient. Since a Hub is not as intelligent as Switch, it transmits data all over leading to more network traffic and resource consumption. On the other hand, Switch can significantly reduce the amount of data transmitted.

3) Which of the devices among Switch and Hub is called a multiport repeater and why?

Answer :

Hub is usually called a multiport repeater. Hub gets this name because it usually does nothing more than repeating received input at one port on all output ports.

4) How Hubs are advantageous over Switch in very small networks (for example, consider a LAN with 2 to 3 computers)?

Answer :

Hubs are less expensive (implementation wise) than Switch. Also in small networks, there is generally no real requirement to segment LANs or reduce traffic congestion.

5) Philip Kotler is an expert in making sculptures. He makes sculptures with wooden pieces each of 1/4 inch height. He took special care in making an excellent piece of work adding 23 pieces of wood. He erected this sculpture on a base of height 8 inches. How tall is the sculpture and base put together?

a) 6 feet 7 inches b) 7 feet one inch c) 6 feet five inches d) none of these.

Answer : c) 6 feet five inches.

Solution :

23 pieces of wood each with a height of 1/4 inch.
So height of sculpture alone is 23 x 1/4 = 5 3/4 feet
1 feet = 12 inches.
Therefore 3/4 feet = 3/4 x 12 = 9 inches.
Therefore 5 3/4 feet = 5 feet and 9 inches.
Height of base 8 inches
Height of sculpture with base = Height of sculpture + Height of base = 5 feet and 9 inches + 8 inches = 5 feet and 17 inches
But 12 inches = 1 feet. Therefore, 17 inches = 1 feet and 5 inches.
Therefore 5 feet and 17 inches can be expressed as 6 feet and 5 inches.
Note : This is an easy problem. But one has to remember the conversion values between units like feet and inches.

6) In Bombay Mutual Circus, Pune an elephant of height 9 feet 7 inches is made to stand on a wooden platform of height 3 feet seven inches height. If the mahout wants to climb on to the elephant, how much height should he go up from the ground level?

a) 13 feet four inches b) 13 feet 2 inches c) 13 feet 9 inches d) none of these.

Answer : b) 13 feet 2 inches

Solution :

Height of platform — 3 feet 7 inches
Height of elephant — 9 feet 7 inches
Total height — 12 feet 14 inches = 13 feet 2 inches ( 12 inches – 1 feet)

7) Gautam is good in sculpturing. He makes a sculpture of height 4 feet 8 inches and places them on a sandal pedestal. If the total height of sculpture and the pedestal put together is 7 feet 3 inches, what is the height of the pedestal?

a) 2 feet 4 inches b) 5 feet 2 inches c) 2 feet 7 inches d) none of these

Answer : c) 2 feet 3 inches

Solutions :

Total Height = Height of the sculpture + Height of the pedestal
7 feet 3 inches = 4 feet 8 inches + Height of the pedestal
Height of the pedestal = 7 feet 3 inches – 4 feet 8 inches
Writing all the measurements in units of inches we get,
Height of the pedestal = 7 x 12 + 3 inches – 4 x 12 + 8 inches = 87 inches – 56 inches = 31 inches = 2 x 12 inches and 7 inches = 2 feet 7 inches

HP Placement Papers with Solutions

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) or HP is an American multinational computer hardware, software and services corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States. It provides products, technologies, software, solutions and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.

Placement Paper Questions : 

Submitted By : Aashish Patil

1) What is the four-digit number in which the first digit is 1/3 of the second, the third is the sum of the first and second, and the last is three times the second?

The 4 digit number is 1349.

2) In a hotel, rooms are numbered from 101 to 550. A room is chosen at random. What is the probability that room number starts with 1, 2 or 3 and ends with 4, 5 or 6?

There are total 450 rooms.
Out of which 299 room number starts with either 1, 2 or 3. (as room number 100
is not there) Now out of those 299 rooms only 90 room numbers end with 4, 5 or
6.So the probability is 90/450 i.e. 1/5 or 0.20.

3) A 3 digit number is such that it’s unit digit is equal to the product of the other two digits which are prime. Also, the difference between it’s reverse and itself is
396.What is the sum of the three digits?

The required number is 236 and the sum is 11.
4) Difference between Bholu’s and Molu’s age is 2 years and the difference between Molu’s and Kolu’s age is 5 years. What is the maximum possible value of the sum of the difference in their ages, taken two at a time?

The maximum possible value of the sum of the difference in their ages –
taken two at a time – is 14 years.

5) 100 Kg. Potatoes with 98% water content are dried in an oven. The percentage of water decreases to 50 %. What is the weight of potatoes now.


6) There are two glasses A and B. A contains orange juice and B contains apple juice in same quantity.Some amount orange juice from glass A is transfered to glass B. The juice in glass B is mixed well. Then again the same amount of juice from B is transferred to A. Compare the quantities of apple juice in A and orange juice in B.


7) Boat A leaves shore P and Boat B leaves shore Q.(P and Q are opposite shores of a river.) A and B travel at constant speed.But the speeds are not same. Both boats meet at 600m from P for the first time. In their return journeys (ie after touching the shores), they meet agian at 200m from Q. Find distance between P and Q.


8) Pepsi, Fanta, Cola order either coffee or tea after dinner. a)If pepsi orders coffee, Fanta orders the drink that is ordered by cola. b)If fanta orders coffee, pepsi do not order the drink that is ordered by cola. c)If cola orders tea, pepsi orders the same drink ordered by fanta. Who take the same drink every day.