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“Thinkers Software Pvt. Ltd.” is all about enthusiasm. We believe that “Programming is an Art”. Working with Thinkers Lab is our passion. Thinkers Lab thrives on developing emerging software products. 

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Criteria : NC(No criteria)
Package : 3.0 lacs
Branches : All ( Under Graduate & Post Graduate ) No Specialization Required

Location : Pune, Maharashtra

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LSI Logic India Pvt. Ltd. Sample Placement Papers


1. In a shower, 5 cm of rain falls. The volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of ground is:

A. 75 cu. m

B. 750 cu. m

C. 7500 cu. m

D. 75000 cu. m

2. A boat having a length 3 m and breadth 2 m is floating on a lake. The boat sinks by 1 cm when a man gets on it. The mass of the man is:

A. 12 kg

B. 60 kg

C. 72 kg

D. 96 kg

3. If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is:

A. 53.33

B. 54.68

C. 55

D. None of these

4. The banker’s gain on a sum due 3 years hence at 12% per annum is Rs. 270. The banker’s discount is:

A. Rs. 960

B. Rs. 840

C. Rs. 1020

D. Rs. 760

5. 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it?

A. 35

B. 40

C. 45

D. 50

6. A fires 5 shots to B’s 3 but A kills only once in 3 shots while B kills once in 2 shots. When B has missed 27 times, A has killed:

A. 30 birds

B. 60 birds

C. 72 birds

D. 90 birds

7. In a regular week, there are 5 working days and for each day, the working hours are 8. A man gets Rs. 2.40 per hour for regular work and Rs. 3.20 per hours for overtime. If he earns Rs. 432 in 4 weeks, then how many hours does he work for ?

A. 160

B. 175

C. 180

D. 195

8. Q is as much younger than R as he is older than T. If the sum of the ages of R and T is 50 years, what is definitely the difference between R and Q’s age?

A. 1 year

B. 2 years

C. 25 years

D. Data inadequate

E. None of these

9. A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of his son is:

A. 14 years

B. 18 years

C. 20 years

D. 22 years

10. A man bought 20 shares of Rs. 50 at 5 discount, the rate of dividend being 13. The rate of interest obtained is:

A. 12 1%2

B. 13 1%2

C. 15%

D. 16 2%3

Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd Sample Placement Papers

Forbes Marshall ranked 11th among the Top 25 Best Workplacesin India by Great Places to Work Institute & Economic Times.

Placement Detais 2011 for Freshers :
Criteria : 60% Engg. Aggregate till now
Package : 3.5 lacs
Branches : ALL ( Under Graduate & Post Graduate )

Rounds :
1. Written ( Aptitude Test )
2. Technical Interview Round I
3. Technical Interview Round II
4. HR Interview

Sterling systems placement papers

COMPANY NAME : Sterling Systems

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA  : Aggregate 60% and no backlogs.


SALARY : APPROX 3 – 3.5 LPA  for UG( Freshers ) 

Joining Place : 

Address :
Sterling Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Shop No. 19, Sandeep Complex,
Near HP Petrol Pump, 
Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Dist – Pune. 
State : Maharashtra, India. 
Pin : 413102

Subject To be studied : C , C++ , Data Structures.

Exploresys Technologies Placement Papers

Exploresys Technologies is fast-growing product & Services development firm focused on helping software companies to create innovative products for the next generation and provide diverse services. 

Address : 
Exploresys Technologies
Gokula #239, 1st Stage , 2nd Phase   
Mathikere, Bangalore – 560054   
Karnataka, India. 

1) Two pipes A and B fill at A certain rate B is filled at 10,20,40,80,. If 1/16 of B if filled in 17 hours what time it will take to get completely filled
Ans 21

2) In a shopping mall with a staff of 5 members the average age is 45 years. After 5 years a person joined them and the average age is again 45 years. What’s the age of 6th person?

3) Find (4x+2y)/ (4x-2y) if x/2y=2

4) Find average speed if a man travels at speed of 24kmph up and 36kmph down at an altitude of 200m.formula is 2xy/(x+y)

5) Same model as 4th question. But it is on flat surface. Formula is same 2xy/(x+y).

6) Six friends go to pizza corner there r 2 types of pizzas. And six different flavors r there they have to select 2 flavors from 6 flavors. In how many ways we can select?
Ans: 6C2 

7) 3, 15, x, 51, 53,159,161. Find X
Ans: 17

8) 3 friends A, B, C went for week end party to McDonald’s restaurant and there they measure there weights in some order IN 7 rounds. A;B;C;AB;BC;AC;ABC. Final round measure is 155 kg then find the average weight of all the 7 rounds?
Ans: 4(155)/7=31

9) There is a toy train that can make 10 musical sounds. It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively? (1 of )?
Answer: 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/32

10) (There was a long story, I’ll cut short it). There are 5 materials to make a perfume: Lilac, Balsamic, Lemon, and Woody and MI mosaic. To make a perfume that is in demand the following conditions are to be followed: Lilac and Balsamic go together. Woody and MI mosaic go together; Woody and Balsamic never go together. Lemon can be added with any material. (Actually they had also mentioned how much amount of one can be added with how much quantity of the other; but that’s not needed for the question.) All of the following combinations are possible to make a perfume except: 
1) Balsamic and Lilac
2) Woody and Lemon
3) MI mosaic and Woody
4) MI mosaic and Lilac

11) A triangle is made from a rope. The sides of the triangle are A cm, B cm and C cm (I do not remember the numerical value). What will be the area of the square made from the same rope?
Ans: ((A+B+C)/4)2

12) What is the distance of the z-intercept from the x-intercept in the equation ax+by+cz=d (I do not remember the values of a, b, c, d).
Ans: sqrt ((d/a) 2+ (d/c) 2)

13) A scientist in Antarctic region conducts research on bears came to know that bears changes according to the location .once he moves 1 mile towards north, then he moves 2 miles towards east, then 1 mile towards south. Now the color of bear he found will be in:
Ans: white