Persistent Interview Process.

Package : 3.6 Lacs

Criteria : 55% & Above. No Backlogs.

Syllabus : c + Ds + Java + Dbms + CN + OS + Analytical .

One More Good Company For Freshers.
Interview Rounds :

Round 1 : Aptitude Section.
It is Online Paper on their sites. Mixed Questions On above subjects. Same Repeats.
Everywhere. 60 questions For 60 Min.
Round 2 : Technical Round.
Ask specially on your favourite Subject.
Round 3 : Technical Round ( A bit tough).
Round 4 : HR interview.
HR interview is Just for asking you your future plans and etc.
Persistent Provides You Opportunity for Higher studies.
A good company to start your career with.

S1 Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

The Interview Process Consist of 4 rounds
1st the aptitude test is conducted.
It includes C + Data Structure + Specially Analytical Questions & Quantitative ques.
Then 2nd Round is Technical Question.
They ask on anything like Java, C, DS or for suprise they have asked on AJAX(exception).
The Round 3rd is Also technicalRound.
The 4th round is HR interview.
Ask Personal questions and they like average student for their company which will work on the same company without shifting to another company.
S1 is company which manages online transaction for other companies.
They work on Payment , Online Banking , Financial Asssesment etc.
The Package is 4.5 lacks.
ALL the Best!!

Thoughtworks Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

ThoughtWorks is a privetely owned global IT consultancy.

The Best Place To work. No uniform & No timing for work.

They deliver custom applications and provide no-nonsense consulting & They help organizations become agile.

But They have the toughest Interview Rounds.

Round 1 : Aptitude Test ( technical & analytical ).

Round 2 : Again aptitude.

Round 3 : They checks a Team Work.

Round 4 : Coding Round.

Round 5 : Group Discussion.

Round 6 : HR interview.

They Gives 5.7 lacks as starting package for freshers.

If you are selected here then you are future is really good.

Paper :


Pubmatic 2011 Placement papers at PICT

Pubmatic Was At PICT On 18 July 2011.

The Interview or Aptitude Paper was having 25 questions to be solved in 45 Min.
Package – 8 Lacks.
They Shortlisted 14 student out of 110 appeared.
Aptitude Paper was consisting of Mixed Question.
It was including
1) C Questions ( which was tough)

2) Java Question

3) DBMS questions

4) Data Structere

5) Quantitative Section
After that 2 Technical Round + HR round.
If you cracked aptitude you are almost selected.