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Morgan stanley Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011
Placement Papers
Aptitude Cracker
July 20, 2011

Criteria : 65% and above engineering Aggregate

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Specialisation : All branches / PG / UG

Some FAQ’S -

Technical :

1) Write Code For following i/p and o/p in c/c++

input: 1

input: 2

input: 3

2) IEEE single precision Format.

3) Determine the minimal expression for a > b where a=a0a1 and b=b0b1 ?

4) What are different ways to SWAP two variables ?

Ans :
Method 1 : a=a+b

Method 2 : a=a xor b // Important // remember this method
  b=a xor b
  a=a xor b

Method 3 : Use Pointers

Method 4 : Using Temporary Variable

Quantitative :

1) In the middle of water pool their is beautiful water Lily . The lily doubles in its size each day and it becomes exactly equal to size of pool in 20 days ?
How many days will it take to grow equal to half of water pool.

Ans :
Size of lily * 2^20 = Size of pool
Size of lily * 2^x = Half Size of Pool
Solve this you will get x=19 days.

2) In party every guest shakes hand with every other. If there are 66 hand shakes then how many peoples/guest are present at party.

3) A snail is at the bottom of a pit which is 20m deep. A snail climbs daily 5m up but in night it falls down 4m down. How many days will require to reach it on top.

4) You Have to measure 4litres of any liquid. But unfortunately you have containers of which can measure only 3litre and 5litre. How can you measure 4litre with it ?

Ans :

 Container A Container B
  (5 litre )    (3 litre )

1.   5 lt.   0 lt.  //pour 5 litre in A container
2.  2 lt.    3 lt.  // insert 3lt. in B
3.  2 lt.    0 lt.  // empty B
4.  0 lt.    2 lt.  //pour 2 lt. from A -> B
5.  5 lt.    2 lt.  // Fill A fully i.e. 5 litres
6.  4 lt.    3 lt.  // We can only pour 1 litre in B to fully fill it.

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