Tavisca Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

Nothing Technical Just logical.

Package : 4.2 To 4.8 Lacks
Criteria : No Criteria.

The test Consist of 2 part
Part 1 : Analytical Questions ( 45MIN For 15 questions )
Part 2 : Algorithms ( 45MIN For 5 questions )
Sample Questions in Part 1 :
1) Size of Lily in pool double every day and it becomes equal to pool in 20 days.
How many days will it require to become half of the pool.
Ans. 19days
2) no of zeros required to number buildings from 1 to 1000
Ans. 92
3)What Numbers Should be on 2 dice to form every no from 1 to 31
ex. 0-1-2-3-4-5 & 4-5-6-7-8-9 is wrong as we cant form 11 & 22 from it.
4) If you have 3 machines of Tea , Coffee and Tea + Coffee(mixed). If you require Rs.1 To get 1 cup of tea or coffee or mixture And All machines Have Wrong Labels. Then How many Rs. will you need to find which machine contain what ?
Ans : Rs. 1
Just Check machine with label Tea&Coffee and as it is wrong it is containing what you get out of machine i.e. Tea Or Coffee.
Wrong Labels : Tea Coffee Tea&Coffe
Correct Labels : – Tea ……if you get tea out for 1st try
Then As label coffee is wrong Apply Tea&coffee instead of that.
And apply remaining label i.e Coffee to machine with wrong label Tea.
Wrong Labels : Tea Coffee Tea&Coffe
Correct Labels : Coffee Tea&Coffe Tea
Sample Questions For Part 2 ( Algorithms ) :

You have to write solution to given problem in Algorithmic language. Or you can Use simple english language.
Also some questions are like analyse output of given program.
The last (5th) Question Here is toughest one.
It has 2 pages of problem defination and if you solve it you are done.

IBM Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

Company Name : IBM
FRESHERS Interview Paper
There were 3 rounds.
  • Aptitude Paper
  • Written Test
  • HR Interview
Criteria : 60% engg aggregate & above

Package : 3.3 Lacks

Hii guys… I am from PICT,pune.
IBM GBS visited our campus on 6th jan 2012.Total of 66 students are appeared for the company and the have selected 25 including me. I am going to share my complete experience with you..hope it will help you..

First off all there is a company presentation for 10-15 minutes.Then there is a english test in which they have given three paragraphs and we have to write an abstract in 7 lines only..not more than seven line. If anyone goes above seven,then marks will be deducted.so strictly follow the rule…it was so easy..best way to pickup few lines from each para and write it down.

Then there is a online aptitude test which contains only two types of questions 
i) Number series : find out the missing number..we have to identify the pattern..it was so easy…just practice for 15-20 questions and you will find it very simple.

ii)Quantitative: Just read all the formulaes from R S Agrawal and just go through the solve problems..it is more than enough to crack this section. Many examples are based upon formulaes only. Very easy.

There is no sectional cutoff.

Based on this two rounds they shortlisted 39 students.

Then there is a group discussion in a group of 10 students. The topic given to my group is Print media Vs Broadcast media. They gave us 2 minuets to think and half an hour to speak. At the end of the session they gave all an opportunity to speak 2 min. i,e conclusion. 

Cracking GD:

keep in mind guys in GD,first five persons are noticeable. try to speak in first five peoples and be specific. After your first sentence try to spoke within next 2 minutes,the gap between two sentences should not more than 2 minutes coz in this way u r not noticeable.  

The main thing here is if all candidates are nicely spoken,they will select complete group.My group was completely selected.

Next round was technical interview.
This round is different for EnTC and Comp/IT students.

For comp/IT:

In technical section they have given three programs and we have to write code for that in any choice of language.
my programs were

i) Factorial ii)Count total number of nodes in tree ii) Insertion sort

my friends also got queries from DBMS.

Here they ask to explain the programs. Just explain the programs deeply…thats it.

And the final round was an HR. It was very easy and just for formality. In this round they will give a situation and ask u how to deal with it. They will go through your resume and ask some basic technical questions my question was JOIN in DBMS.Just keep smiling in this round. They are very friendly and dont worry if you stuck somewhere just tell them that I don’t no.they will give you another question.It is a kind of general discussion.

So guys….this was my journey and finally I got selected in IBM. I hope this will helpful for you. 

Best of luck……..!


a) 3  Matrices will be given each has 5 qns totally 15 qns and time limt:13 mins for  tis section (no –ve marking for tis section-so attend all must k)

b) Number  series completion total 20 qns time limit:4 mins for tis section (-ve marking  of 0.25 is present) as the time is limited on cing the qns answer it else skip  and forward BUT TIS IS DAMN EASY I attended 16/20 in tis section very easy

c) Aptitude  totally 12 qns and time limit is:15 mins (-ve marking of .25 is there) (qns  were from profit and loss, area, percentage, time and distance, age problems  and etc but no qns similar to R.S.Aggarwal but similar to tat k so prepare  well)


1)                   CLMN1 CLMN 2 CLMN3 CLMN4 CLMN5
    ROW 1         J           J             U         V         X
    ROW 2         U          V            J         5         6
    ROW 3        V           U            J         X          5
    ROW 4        5           6            V          J         U
    ROW 5        6           5            X          U        V

a) which has many maximum number of J s present in  the following pairs:
i) row1 and column 1 ii)row2 and column 2 iii)row3  and column3 iv)row4 and column4 v)row5 column5

b) if all j’s are replaced by 3 and u’s replaced by  4 which row or column has d maximum value of 18

c)if all rows and columns are reversed and the  diagonal from left bottom to right top corner has been reversed so wats the  value in row4 column2

etc many guys cant remember to correct figures since  I was in a hurry for answers so cant recollect the questions

1) 22, 34, 35, 23, 36, 37,__
2) 10, 9, 8, 8, 9, 10, 7, 6, 5,__
3) 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 4, 7,__
And etc many it goes on totally 20 qns its damn easy  just get the answer on first sight else forward to next qns…

APTITUDE: (a bit  tougher tan other sections)
1) if a printer A prints 60 words per minute and  printer b prints 80 words in one minute printer A starts at 7.47 and printer b  at 8.07 wen ll printer b catch up wit printer A….?

2) a fountain is of length 144cms ten width of 288  cms and depth of 91 cms so how much litres of water ll be there in 46 cms of  depth in the same fountain….?

3) there is a printer consisting of color and balck white  printer the rate of color toner increases from $33 to $35 and black white toner  from $28 to $29 if the total rate is $1600 there is 3/5 color toners wats d  hike in price…..?

tats it I can remember friends….

Morgan stanley Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

Criteria : 65% and above engineering Aggregate

with  No Active Backlogs

Specialisation : All branches / PG / UG

Some FAQ’S –

Technical :

1) Write Code For following i/p and o/p in c/c++

input: 1

input: 2

input: 3

2) IEEE single precision Format.

3) Determine the minimal expression for a > b where a=a0a1 and b=b0b1 ?

4) What are different ways to SWAP two variables ?

Ans :
Method 1 : a=a+b

Method 2 : a=a xor b // Important // remember this method
  b=a xor b
  a=a xor b

Method 3 : Use Pointers

Method 4 : Using Temporary Variable

Quantitative :

1) In the middle of water pool their is beautiful water Lily . The lily doubles in its size each day and it becomes exactly equal to size of pool in 20 days ?
How many days will it take to grow equal to half of water pool.

Ans :
Size of lily * 2^20 = Size of pool
Size of lily * 2^x = Half Size of Pool
Solve this you will get x=19 days.

2) In party every guest shakes hand with every other. If there are 66 hand shakes then how many peoples/guest are present at party.

3) A snail is at the bottom of a pit which is 20m deep. A snail climbs daily 5m up but in night it falls down 4m down. How many days will require to reach it on top.

4) You Have to measure 4litres of any liquid. But unfortunately you have containers of which can measure only 3litre and 5litre. How can you measure 4litre with it ?

Ans :

 Container A Container B
  (5 litre )    (3 litre )

1.   5 lt.   0 lt.  //pour 5 litre in A container
2.  2 lt.    3 lt.  // insert 3lt. in B
3.  2 lt.    0 lt.  // empty B
4.  0 lt.    2 lt.  //pour 2 lt. from A -> B
5.  5 lt.    2 lt.  // Fill A fully i.e. 5 litres
6.  4 lt.    3 lt.  // We can only pour 1 litre in B to fully fill it.

Infosys Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

Package – 3.23 Lacs
Criteria – 58% engg aggregate.
Budget – They have budget more than 1.5 crore for some colleges.
So more than 30-35 student get placed from one good college.

Aptitude Paper :

1. Replace each letter by a digit.
Each letter must be represented by the same digit and no beginning letter of a word can be 0.


Ans: 0 =1, N = 8 ,E = 2, T = 7

2. Ann, Boobie, Cathy and Dave are at their monthly business meeting.
Their occupations are author, biologist, chemist and doctor, but not necessarily in that order.
Dave just told the biologist that Cathy was on her way with doughnuts.
Ann is sitting across from the doctor and next to the chemist.
The doctor was thinking that Boobie was a goofy name for parent’s to choose, but didn’t say anything.
What is each person’s occupation?

Ans: Since Dave spoke to the biologist and Ann sat next to the chemist and across the doctor, Cathy must be the author
and Ann the biologist.
The doctor didn’t speak, but David did, so Bobbie is the doctor and Dave the chemist.

3. Sometime after 10:00 PM a murder took place.
A witness claimed that the clock must have stopped at the time of the shooting.
It was later found that the position of both the hands were the same but their positions had interchanged.
Tell the time of the shooting (both actual and claimed).

Ans: Time of shooting = 11:54 PM
Claimed Time = 10:59 PM

4. Next number in the series is
1 , 2 , 4 , 13 , 31 , 112 , ?

Ans: 224.
No number has digits more than 4. All of them are 1 , 2, 4, 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 converted to numbers in base 5

5. Shahrukh speaks truth only in the morning and lies in the afternoon, whereas Salman speaks truth only in the afternoon. A says that B is Shahrukh. Is it morning or afternoon and who is A – Shahrukh or Salman.

Ans: Afternoon ; A is Salman.

6. Two trains starting at same time, one from Bangalore to Mysore and other in opposite direction arrive at their
destination 1 hr and 4 hours respectively after passing each other. How nuch faster is one train from other?

Ans: Twice

7. There are 6 volumes of books on a rack kept in order ( ie vol.1, vol. 2 and so on ).
Give the position after the following changes were noticed.

All books have been changed
Vol.5 was directly to the right of Vol.2
Vol.4 has Vol.6 to its left and both weren’t at Vol.3′s place
Vol.1 has Vol.3 on right and Vol.5 on left
An even numbered volume is at Vol.5′s place
Find the order in which the books are kept now.

Ans: 2 , 5 , 1 , 3 , 6 , 4

8. I bought a car with a peculiar 5 digit numbered license plate which on reversing could still be read.
On reversing value is increased by 78633.Whats the original number if all digits were different?

Ans: Only 0 1 6 8 and 9 can be read upside down. So on rearranging these digits we get the answer as 10968

9. The shape in the sketch below is that of a square attached to half of a similar square. Divide it into four equal pieces

Ans: the figure can be divided into 12 equal triangles

10. Supposing a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7. How mlong will it take to strike 10?

Ans: 10 1/2 seconds.

11)Father’s age is three years more than three times the son’s age.
After three years, father’s age will be ten years more than twice the son’s age.
What is the father’s present age.

Ans: 33 years.

Cybage Aptitude/ Interview 2011

Cybage The Leading IT Service Provider.

The Company is Good But They have reduced the package.
Salary is 2.4 to 3.0 lacs.
If You prepare Normal C & DS you are all done.
The company is good for Freshers to grow in IT world.
Also they have 18 Months Bond.

Aricent Aptitude Questions/Placement papers 2011

COMPANY NAME : Aricent technologies

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA  : Aggregate 55% and no backlogs.


SALARY : 3.5 LPA  for UG( Freshers )

Joining Place : In Banglore and Noida

Rounds :

1. Written ( Aptitude Test )

2. Group Discussion

3. Technical Interview Round

4. HR Interview

Subject To be studied :

JAVA, Computer Networks, Operating System, C , C++ , Data Structures.

Students are not eliminated from any of these above Rounds…

Sum of  marks from all Rounds is Considered for Final Selection Process.